2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Games For Everyone This Christmas

A very special thanks to Are You Game for partnering with us this year for our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you ever find yourself on what to gift someone… always go with a gift, you can never go wrong with that! Whether its’s painting, stacking blocks… or a classical board game, there are so many options out there when it comes to game time. Here are some of our favorite ones that we think you will enjoy this holiday season.

Have a young artist in your life? Why not gift them an Aquarellum Junior? These easy to use sets feature a distinct and unique and the painter has complete control. The embossed picture cards absorb paint in some areas and repel it in others, so the painter can create intricate, detailed works of art. The young artist will lean how to mix colors while creating beautiful and detailed pieces of art. With Aquarellum’s exclusive water-resistant technique, the paint adheres only to the designed motif areas, making pictures appear as if by magic!

If you have a more advance artist in your life, take a look at the Shadow Painting Kit. The artist will learn the science behind color mixing as they create unique colors of their own! The 11 x 9 inch flat canvas and 8 x 10 inch canvas on cardboard backing is printed in subtle shadows to help the artist determine color placement and where to apply darker and lighter shades. The set comes with three quality paint brushes with a flat tip, round tip, and pointed tip. This set also comes with full color painting guides, a color wheel, and instructions that explain the science behind color mixing.

Looking for a classical trivia game to either gift or entertain during the holidays? Brain Quest is a personal favorite of ours, we love playing this game as a family! With the Brain Quest Around the World Game you will challenge each other with questions about the people, geography, and history of the world. This one is particular great for kids, as they can play at their own grade level. For this game players will race around the world answering questions about different cities, countries, and continents. Children can reference the map on the game board for clues to answer many of their questions. 

If you are shopping for a toddler this holiday season, I have a great suggestion for a game! The Sandwich Making Play Food Set is perfect for those young children just discovering the game world. This is perfect for imaginative play! This set includes 16 solid wood, mix and match “fixins” pieces. The play food pieces have Velcro tabs so the pieces stay together. They can then use the wooden knife to slice apart the pieces.

Bingo is another classic game that is perfect for gifting, as well as bringing with you while visiting friends and family this holiday season! The Travel Bingo Set is a compact but complete. The set includes a rotary cage with an automatic random ball selector, numbered balls up to 75, 18 reusable bingo cards, token markers, and master board. 

Murder Mystery games have become extremely popular that past few years and are always a great game to bring to a friend/family gathering. The Murder Mystery Party Case Files: Death By Chef’s Knife is a game where players will work to solve a murder using the case file and evidence provided. Murder Mystery Party Case Files are packed with physical and digital evidence, which puts the player in the detective’s shoes. Players get to think like a detective and choose to work alone or with others to determine the motive, means, and opportunity of each suspect to solve the case.

Well it isn’t the holidays without a Christmas game and what is more perfect… than a classic game that features the holiday season! Christmas-opoly is a spin on the classic Monopoly game… except this one feature all things Christmas! To play, players will collect Christmas properties, increase their property value by buying presents and trading them in for a Christmas tree. I can see this game being a favorite and highly requested each year during the holiday season!

There you have it… the top games for everyone on your list this holiday season. Don’t take my word for it… head over to Are You Game today and view all of the amazing games that they have available!

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