2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Best Gifts to Help Develop Fine Motor & Sensory Skills

A very special thanks to Special Supplies for partnering with us this year for our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

If you are look for gifts this year that help with fine motor and sensory skills, then you have come to the right place! Before we discuss some of these great products, lets learn more about Special Supplies!

“Special Supplies was founded with a goal to address the difficulty parents and educators encounter when attempting to find reliable, safe and effective tools for special needs children. We discovered that by doing our due diligence to ensure that our products were effective and safe, we were taking a load off the shoulders of those most invested in the well-being of special needs children. From the beginning, it’s been our goal to ease this process and create a hassle-free and seamless customer experience. All of our products are selected by a team of parents and experienced therapists which helps us ensure we provide the very best in Oral Motor, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Daily Living, School, and Sensory products. Our passion is not only to raise awareness about the issues facing those with Autistic and sensory integration needs, but to offer a therapeutic solution at an affordable price.”

There are so many amazing benefits to these type of toys and I am excited to share some of our favorites with you.

FUN FOAM Modeling PlayFoam Beads Play Kit allows children to build, create, and design in three dimensions to help unleash their unique imaginations. This fun foam is great for hands-on learning and self-expression. It is also soft, pliable, and helps hone children’s fine motor skills while stimulating their senses. This fun foam is also perfect for helping children learn, grow, and express themselves. Plus parents love it because it is squishy, mess-free, and non-toxic. Order from the Special Supplies website or on Amazon.

The jumbo size stress ball is one that people have enjoyed for many years. This is great for both children and adults. This squeezable giant stress balls are soft to the touch and help reduce stress and anxiety as you squish and squash them in all kinds of interactive ways.

They are ideal for those with visual or physical sensory needs and help strengthen low-hand mobility. Kids, adults, or seniors that need to improve finger, hand, or grip strength can benefit from them. The large stretchable stress balls are meant to be fun and therapeutic for those with low hand strength, ADD, or ADHD. Lastly, they are made with safe materiel and have passed safety testing. Order from the Special Supplies website or on Amazon.

Squishy spiky stress ball are a huge hit in our house, both the kids and adults love them! These cute anti-stress balls let you squeeze, pull and squish them in your hands to help reduce stress, tension and ADHA focus issues.

 Inside each toy stress ball are smaller, colorful, squishy balls that are smooth, durable, and let kids and adults alike enjoy squeezing!

The non-sticky squishy stress balls are non-toxic and odor free, which makes them safe for children. They won’t leave behind stains or greasy hands. Order from the Special Supplies website or on Amazon.

Anyone with a child in elementary school knows all about these things, very popular among that age group! A fun, interactive toy for kids, these pop tubes let children stretch, build, connect, spin, bend, and play with them in a variety of ways. These stretch tubes also become sound tubes! Push or pull them to different lengths, lightly swing them in circles, and kids can create music. The tactile feel of each tube is great for physical stimulation while the connectable, buildable design can be used to strengthen fine motor skills. Order from the Special Supplies website or on Amazon.

Therapy Putty  is designed to stimulate your hands and fingers while improving strength and reducing stress by allowing you to stretch, pull, pinch, twist, and smush it for endless fun and relaxation. It is also non-toxic, and made from high-quality silicone. This particular hand putty from Special Supplies is made with premium silicone instead of natural rubber latex, which makes it gentler on sensitive skin or those with skin allergies. Order from the Special Supplies website or on Amazon.

The colored Wavy Circle Balance Beams Stepping Stones for Kids is a must have for young kids this holiday season! The interactive balance beam encourages healthy, active play and engaging games for kids who love to jump, climb, and stretch. Each set of step beams has a textured surface on the top and non-skid rubber points to the bottom, so you can play with it indoor or outdoors. These heavy-duty beams are very durable, which means children can use them for standing and climbing, walking and small jumps, or even sitting on them. Order from the Special Supplies website or on Amazon.

There you have it… the top toys to help develop fine motor and sensory skills. Don’t take my word for it… head over to Special Supplies today and view all of the amazing products that they have available!

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