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What Is A Sponsored Product Post?:

We receive emails daily from so many amazing companies wanting us to review their product. While we know there are many bloggers out there that offer product reviews, that simply isn’t who we are. Here at the Miss Frugal Mommy website, we don’t believe in posting just a review of your product or service. We want to demonstrate how we took your product/service and experienced it in real life! We pride ourselves on creating unique and engaging content that is actually useful to our audience and we love to get creative and share an authentic story about your product. If you take a moment to look through some of our posts, you will see that we put a lot of time not only into the content, but also the photos. We strive to take quality photos and spend a decent amount of time editing them to perfection!

Please take a moment to view some of our most popular posts so you can get a feel for the style of writing here on the Miss Frugal Mommy blog! These are all brands we have worked with in the past that were very pleased with our work!:

Other Services & Pricing:

  • Sponsored post written by us: Looking to get your brand’s message out in a blog post relevant to our audience? Then this is the option for you!  This service also includes social media shares and an inclusion in the weekly newsletter.
  • Sponsored post & giveaway: If you are looking to add a giveaway to the above option, then this is the service for you! Giveaways are a great way to draw a larger audience to the post. Giveaways are listed in several Facebook giveaway groups and will be tweeted out daily. This service also includes Facebook and Pinterest social media shares and an inclusion in the weekly newsletter.
  • Sponsored guest post provided by you: Do you have a pre-written article that you would like to feature on our website? Then this is the service you! This must be an article unique to our website, no duplicate content will be accepted. This service also includes social media shares and an inclusion in the weekly newsletter.
  • Social media shares: Are you just interested in advertising on our social media pages? Then this is the option for you! Social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Customized options: Don’t see what you are looking for? That’s OK because we are always open to finding the best way to collaborate with you. We would love to discuss further details and create a customized sponsored campaign that meets all of your needs.

Please contact Heather directly in regards to services and pricing at

*Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly blog and we will only share content that is considered PG. Although we are open to sharing a variety of topics with our fans, we do not post about politics or religion.

Sidebar Advertisement Pricing:

Ads will run for 30 days, starting on the day of your payment. All payments must be made through PayPal and approved prior to beginning your advertisement package.

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  • $50 a Month: This includes one sidebar ad which will be displayed on the homepage, as well as every post.