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DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

We have fallen so much in love with this sweet boy since adopting him from the shelter several months ago, it feels like he has always been apart of the family. I have been so busy spoiling and loving him that I completely procrastinated on getting a canvas print with his paw print, something that I have been wanting to do for months. I finally decided that today was the day to get it done because this sweet pup has already grown more than twice his size since bringing him home. I was expecting this to be far more difficult than I had anticipated, but with a few tricks (and bribes) this turned out to be a fun and relatively mess free craft!

DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

All you need to create your dog paw print canvas art is a blank white canvas, paint, a plate, paintbrushes, and some treats to keep your dog occupied while you create the paw prints.

Step #1: get your dog cozy, position his paws and provide him with a treat!

DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

Step #2: Create the paw prints

While your dog is busy and distracted from chewing on a delicious treat (we gave ours the Busy Dog Treats) you are going to dip your pups paw in the paint. Make sure to dab it a few times on a clean part of the plate in order to get off the excess paint. Then gently push the canvas print onto your dogs paw to create the paw print. Allow to dry before moving on to the next step.

DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

Step #3: Create your canvas art

The final step is completely up to you! Feel free to design and paint your canvas however you may like. Whether it’s your dog’s name or a different dog inspired quote… anything will do!

DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

I was so excited at how this paw print canvas turned out and could not wait to proudly hang it on the wall! You may be thinking… WOW… that seemed way to easy. Well my friends, there was a lot that went on behind the scenes to get our puppy Duke to happily go along with this craft… and I am about to share those tricks with you!

The first thing you really need to do prior to starting this craft is to find some food/treats to keep your dog happy. There is no question about it, dogs are very well known for being motivated by food and this activity was no exception. Getting to the local pet store can sometimes seem like a hassle, especially with three kids and a dog. Thankfully I was able to grab all of these products at Kroger while I was doing my weekly grocery shopping trip this weekend! My local Kroger store is always full of my dog’s favorite food, treats, and toys. I love how easy Kroger makes it for me to be able to stock up on Duke’s favorite dog products in one trip while juggling the holiday bustle! DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

Seriously… he could not wait to get his paws on this treat! Once he had it, getting that paw print on the canvas was no issue whatsoever, he was so content with his busy dog treat. Getting this handsome pup to sit still for pictures is never an easy task either, he always thinks we are playing a game with him and starts running around. What you didn’t see behind the scenes was my oldest daughter holding some Beggin’ Strips, which smell and taste like real bacon because they’re made with real bacon! If you would like a professional canvas of your pet, you can always check out

DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

Let us know in the comment section below if you made this craft with your pet and how creative you got with your canvas art!

DIY Dog Paw Print Canvas Art

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  1. I actually painted with my cat once- I put saran wrap over the paint on the canvas and let her run and play across the canvas to create abstract art. It was a blast! #client

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