Author: Heather W.

Hello I am Heather, the face behind the Miss Frugal Mommy website. I enjoy sharing my life and tips on frugal living, parenting, travel, recipes and living a healthy and active lifestyle! I spend my days in sunny Georgia, juggling my blog and four very active and amazing kids.

How to Teach Healthy Habits to Your Child

When it comes to teaching your children healthy habits, you’ll want to start while they’re still young. This will help in making it more normalized for them. The older they get, the less likely they’ll be making unhealthy decisions or forming any bad habits. Parents have to set a good


How to Deal with Mental Issue

Do you struggle with mental health issues? Maybe the feeling of anxiety is always there, or maybe your mood fluctuates from day today. Whatever it may be, there is help out there for you!  Below are ways to deal with mental health issues and make yourself feel better. Dive in


Are Homemade Treats Healthier for Your Dog?

Dogs are amazing creatures. Their noses are about forty times as powerful as ours are, and part of the reason is that it’s wet. That ‘wetness’ is caused by mucus which helps keeps scent particles on the dog’s nose so they can smell it thoroughly. Their sense of smell is


Enjoyable Side Hustles To Start Post-COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a crazy effect on businesses. Some have folded due to a decrease in demand, while others have thrived due to high demand for certain services. And it seems this demand is here to stay. Many people are enjoying big success starting new businesses, with some


Pumpkin Apple Stamps

We are several weeks away from fall and I am already anxious to start in on all those fun crafts we do each year! There has always been one craft that I’ve wanted to try with the kids, but the mess has always kept me from following through. We had

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