The Effects Of Seasonal Changes On Your Plumbing System

Knowing how seasonal changes can impact your plumbing system can save you from plumbing emergencies and costly repairs. In this post, Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey discusses how the four seasons can affect your plumbing.

  1. Spring: The Transition

Spring brings warmer temperatures and melting snow and ice. This can overwhelm your drain lines, potentially leading to water pooling around your foundation and causing problems like basement flooding. Our plumbers recommend installing an efficient sump pump in your basement to protect your property from flooding. If you already have one, ensure it is in good working condition so that you’re not caught by surprise. Another problem you’re more likely to encounter during spring is tree root intrusion into sewer lines. Spring thaws can activate dormant tree roots, which can infiltrate and damage sewer lines. It is advisable to be on the lookout for signs of sewer line trouble, such as slow drains or backups. If you notice signs of sewer line issues, reach out to a professional plumber in Vineland for repairs.

  1. Winter: Safeguarding Your Pipes from the Brutal Cold Weather

The threat of frozen and burst pipes increases exponentially during the winter. Exposed pipes in crawlspaces, basements, attics, and outside walls are particularly vulnerable. The following are essential measures to take to protect your pipes from freezing during the winter:

  • Insulate exposed pipes in your home.
  • Seal any air leaks around pipes.
  • When the temperatures plummet, allow a slow drip from a faucet served by an exposed pipe.
  • Familiarize yourself with the location of the shut-off valve in case a pipe bursts.
  1. Summer: The Challenges Associated With the Heat

There are two common plumbing problems associated with the summer season: water heater strain and pipe damage due to extreme heat. Summer often means more lawn watering, pool filling, and cooler showers. This increased water demand can strain your water heater, especially older models. Consider calling a plumber in Vineland to inspect your water heater to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. If your water heater has reached the end of its lifespan, consider water heater replacement. Extreme heat can cause pipes to expand and weaken, resulting in deterioration. This is especially true for older pipes. As the summer approaches, we recommend you check the condition of your pipes to avoid water leaks. Watch out for signs of water leaks, such as water stains on walls, wet spots on your lawn, sounds of running water, and many more.

  1. Fall: Preparing For the Cold Weather Again

Fall is a perfect time to inspect your plumbing system for any damage or leaks revealed during the summer’s heat. As temperatures cool down in the fall, check hose bibs and outdoor spigots to ensure they are properly shut off and drained to prevent freezing. It is also important to refill any P-traps that may have dried out during the summer to prevent sewer gas odors.

Don’t Go In Alone—Call Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey for Professional Plumbing Services

The seasonal changes can take a toll on your plumbing system, especially if you’re not proactive with preventive maintenance. The brutal cold weather can freeze your water lines, leading to a loss of water supply, while excessive heat can deteriorate your pipes. Thankfully, you can rely on the highly trained plumbers in Vineland at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey for plumbing repairs or replacements.

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