2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Toys to Order From Amazon Just in Time For Christmas

A very special thanks to Kidzlane for partnering with us this year for our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

Amazon has been my go-to for Christmas shopping this year. The older that I get the less I enjoy fighting the crouds during the holidays for shopping. I have truly enjoyed the convenience of not only the quick shipping from Amazon, but you can always find the best deals there! Plus there are many shops on there with online stores where you can conveniently shop all of their products. One great example is the Kidzlane Amazon store, they have a great selection of toys and all with options to have them shipped and delivered to your door before Christmas! Here are some of my favorites.

The Kidzlane Golf Set for Kids and Toddlers includes four 20” kids golf clubs, driver, wedge, putter and long putter, three golf balls, two tees, two golf holes with flags and a rolling golf bag for storage and travel. I love how everything stores together perfectly so your child will never lose track of any of the pieces! This is a must have toy, I have purchased one for each of my four children over the years when they were toddlers and they all loved it!

Another toy that every child should have and always gets so much use out of it is an art easel. This compact version is ideal if you don’t want one that will take up a lot of space, it can also easily be stored when not in use. The white board is ideal for school work, or simple getting creative and drawing for fun. There are two wooden screws that you take out, you can then flip the board and the easel becomes a chalk board. The bottom tray is large enough to hold all of your child’s art supplies to use along with the easel.

The Kidzlane Dance Mat is great for children that love a challenge and moving their feet! Step, hop and jump onto the blinking arrows, follow the beat of the built-in music, or you can connect your own music via AUX or BLUETOOTH. This light-up dance mat features three interactive games with five difficulty levels. Your child will dance to the cues of the blinking arrows, they can also test their brain to a “Simon Says” memory game, or make up their own rules in Free Dance Mode!

Awhile back we did a review of the Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Game and I am excited to share that there is this fun little laser spider target to go with it. If you currently own their laser tag game or plan on getting it for Christmas, the robot bug is a great addition. The electronic target bug crawls around in all directions and gets flipped when hit. The bug is great for target practice or solo play. The spider target works on carpets or flat surfaces in conjunction with all Kidzlane laser tag sets.

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Check out these adorable and fun Diecast Metal Pullback Cars. No batteries required, these small but mighty toy cars go flying with one pull. The non-slip rubber tires give them grip on the ground as they speed across the living room or sidewalk. The mini car set is indestructible thanks to its die-cast metal mold that’ll hold up to the most rambunctious play.

Another great stocking stuffer is the Kidzlane Microphone for Kids with Bluetooth. My kids are always a big fan of these types of toys and I am excited to see a version that allows you to connect to your own music. There are also ten built-in jingles. Plus there is a 100-second record and playback function that lets kids practice and hear their own tunes. Another favorite feature is the built-in voice changer, always fun and leaves my kids giggling. The flashing multicolored LED lights make this cordless microphone endlessly entertaining for kids of all ages.

We hope you enjoyed this list of must have toys for the holidays, make sure to check out the Kidzlane amazon store and order those gifts in time for Christmas!

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