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How to Order Healthy at Domino’s

Domino’s offers a lot of tasty pizzas, and it’s hard to resist the temptation of indulging just a bit too much on the pizzas. After all, you can build your own pizza for as low as $7.99, so it’s not as if it’s expensive. Eating a Domino’s pizza slice can also be like eating potato chips—it’s basically impossible to stick to just one. 

That can be a problem if you’re worried about your health. The pizzas can come with a lot of calories and carbs, not to mention the sodium content and saturated fat content. No health expert will actually recommend that you treat Domino’s pizzas as healthy food that you should eat daily. 

But you can still order at Domino’s and not worry too much. 

Here’s What You Should Order

Go with the Pacific Veggie pizza, which is what plenty of dieticians recommend. You get plenty of vegetables, and like your mama said, they’re good for you. It’s best if you can have vegetables with every meal. 

In addition, the Pacific Veggie pizza is even more filling than a slice of plain cheese pizza. That should make it less likely for you to eat to much, or crave more food too soon afterwards. 

If you’re building your own pizza, try this option:

  • Start with a medium-thin crust pizza with tomato sauce. 
  • Add premium chicken for the meat protein, as it’s a healthier option than processed meats. 
  • Add some red peppers and pineapple. These veggies (and fruit) toppings balance out the pizza. 
  • Go with a light amount of cheese. This cuts the amount of saturated fat per slice by 50%. Also, you reduce the calorie intake by 30 calories per slice. 

Alternative Orders You Can Try

If you get tired of Pacific Veggie and you still want a specialty pizza at Domino’s, here are some alternative options. 

  • Spinach and feta. You avoid the processed meats, so you reduce your fat and sodium intake. It’s still delicious, since you have spinach and onions and cheeses like provolone, parmesan, and feta. 
  • Deluxe. It contains onions, mushrooms, and fresh green peppers, so you have veggies. Just limit the processed meat to either pepperoni or Italian sausage. 
  • Honolulu Hawaiian. Sure, it comes with smoked bacon and ham. But you also get pineapple and roasted red peppers for your veggies. 
  • Wisconsin 6 Cheese. The cheeses offer lots of protein, though this pie does have lots of calories, too. 
  • Memphis BBQ Chicken. The chicken is a healthier source of meat than the processed meat options. 

Final Word

A lot has been written about the evils of fast food for your health, and the negative publicity has included pizza joints such as Domino’s. But Domino’s pizza isn’t the absolute evil when it comes to your health. One guy named Brian Northrup proved it. 

In 2016, he began what he jokingly called the Pizzapocalypse. Basically, he ordered and consumed an entire pizza for a leap year and a day. That’s 367 days. He also ate other food besides pizza, of course. 

He did consult with his doctor and had his health checked first, and his blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and fasted blood sugar levels, and they all turned out okay for the experiment. His doctor knew what he was planning to do, but the doctor didn’t even make any sort of attempt to stop him. 

And so, he did it. Of course, after a while he had a lot of fun with the endless combination of toppings. He sure tried some strange combos. There was a day when he tried the Philly steak with red pepper pizza. One time, he went with the double jalapeños. There was also the spinach and tomato combination. 

He posted all his orders daily on social media, and people took note of his appearance. He still managed to look good throughout the year, mainly with regular workouts. In fact, on the last day of the Pizzapocalypse, he even finished 3 whole pizzas. 

At the end of it all, he wasn’t a health wreck at all. He still looked good, and he even managed to lose 5.9 pounds in the process! 

So, don’t stress about it. After all, stress is actually bad for your health, too. You don’t have feel like you’re an absolute failure just because you were unable to resist getting just one more slice of pizza. You don’t have to berate yourself too much if you patronize Domino’s perhaps more often than what nutritionists recommend. 

The pizzas at Domino’s aren’t that bad. If you eat more than you ought to, then just exercise more. With so much time locked in your home for the past months, you’ll probably enjoy a brisk run around the neighborhood to shed those extra calories away. 

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