Orlando FL with Small Children: Planning the Perfect Trip

Florida offers fun for all of the family, but what that looks like can be a little different when you have younger children. If you have kids under the age of 5 or perhaps even a baby, planning a vacation for the family becomes a little harder. Not all activities are appropriate for little ones, which can mean that some things are off-limits. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily want to plan your whole trip around the kids. When you’re thinking about a family trip to Florida, whether to Orlando or somewhere else, there are some things to keep in mind.

Book the Right Accommodation

The first thing that you might want to do is find the right place to stay. Your choice of accommodation is more important than ever when you have young children, especially if you have a baby with you. One thing to check is whether you can be provided with essentials like a travel crib, extra cots for kids to sleep on, high chairs, or anything else that you might need. If you’re booking a hotel, check what types of rooms are on offer and what the rules are for kids. Some families do prefer to rent a house or apartment instead.

Choose the Right Park

Picking the right park is a must if you’re traveling to Florida with little kids. Orlando offers a range of different parks that are lots of fun, but some are better for little ones than others. If you compare Universal Studios and Universal Islands of Adventure, you might find that the latter is better for younger children. Disney World has a lot to offer for toddlers, including fun at the Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom parks. The DUPLO Valley section of Legoland is also a great pick if you’re traveling with small children. Don’t forget to learn more on how you can ways to get discount disney world packages.

Pack Smartly

Choosing the right places to visit is important, but being prepared for your trip is a must too. Packing smartly can help you to navigate Orlando with your young children. It’s a good idea to be prepared for different temperatures and weathers, from light rain to hotter days. Make sure you have appropriate clothes for everyone, as well as plenty of sun protection. Some gear for babies and young children can be hired. If you’re hiring a car, make sure you either bring car seats or boosters or reserve them with the hire company in accordance with Florida law.

Know How to Navigate Attractions

Visiting a park in Orlando can be overwhelming for anyone, and even more so for a small human who hasn’t learned how to manage their emotions just yet. Knowing how to navigate large attractions can help to make things easier for everyone. For example, it helps to know that children under 3 get in free to theme parks. Some adult rides offer “rider switch” so that you can take turns waiting with young children without having to wait in line twice. Stroller rentals are available at parks too so little legs don’t have to walk so far.

If you’re visiting Orlando with little ones, plan carefully so everyone can have fun.

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