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Summer Break on a Budget

Summer Break on a BudgetYou may have that fantastic family deal for a two week all inclusive resort stay in the sunshine, but have you thought about how you’re going to entertain your brood for the other four! The summer holidays are the longest school-free weeks of the entire year, so for families on a budget it can be hard to balance the books at times.

Here’s the thing, little ones don’t care whether they’re in the sea, the local swimming pool or splashing around under the back garden sprinkler they just want to play in the water. Just because you haven’t got a swimming pool of your own doesn’t mean you can’t borrow one! Depending on where you live, it’s more likely in hot countries that one of your friends or neighbors may have one you can borrow but be aware even though it’s your party they’ll be the ones who are held responsible should anything happen.

Another option is to head down to the local beach, open air baths or leisure center with all your stuff and have an impromptu party there but do check that staff are happy with you bringing in food. While you may not be able to snack poolside the way you would on holiday, there’s nothing like enjoying a backyard BBQ after an awesome swim. Choose snacks that’ll replenish your children’s energy like fruit platters, watermelon’s an excellent choice, and don’t forget to have plenty of pitchers of water or juice ready!

Get Wet

We’ve already mentioned sprinklers but how about an afternoon’s worth of water-themed games with a bucketload of prizes to be won? Why not set up a water balloon relay race? Create a massive water slide? See who can pass a soggy sponge with their feet without dropping it? You could even get out the water pistols, make sure everyone knows to aim below the face water in your eyes can sting, divide the kids into teams and play a child-friendly version of capture the flag! Fed up of buying crushed ice? Have a look at some of the best portable ice maker reviews before you splurge on what’s basically frozen water. Why not invite other parents over to watch all the fun too? Life’s better with the sun on your back, a cold beer in your hand and chatting with friends while munching on freshly prepared pasta salad.

Opposites Attract

You’re bound to get totally mixed up, but that’s all part of the fun! Kids adore it when adults act stupid or silly so why not declare tomorrows opposite day! Have dinner at breakfast time, wear your pajamas all day, eat dessert in the afternoon then enjoy a fry up for tea. Play indoors during the day and then when the sun’s setting head into the back garden, with the lights on, to play a game of hide and seek. You could even have mom and dad pretend to be kids, within reason, and the kids could act like grown-ups! Not only is it hilarious to watch an adult playing with action men but it’ll be interesting to see how your children view you.  

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