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Miss Frugal Mommy’s Fun Family Stories (Episode 1)

I woke up this morning (way earlier than I would have liked to) and had the fabulous idea of starting a blog challenge, one which encourages me to write personal blog posts more frequently. I soon realized that the only exciting stories and adventures I have to share all involve my family and since this is a family friendly blog, why not share stories about my wonderful family?

I’m a genius, I know!

Before I ramble on in endless posts about my family and all the excitement that comes along with them, I thought I would share a random fact about myself. The first story I have for you highlights my unhealthy obsession with strawberries and the ridiculous amount I have consumed in my lifetime. I wasn’t always a compulsive eater of strawberries and it all began when I was pregnant with Little Mr. Frugal. Half way through my pregnancy, I found myself consumed with my cravings for strawberries. This crazy pregnant lady was going through two cartons of strawberries a day! After months and months of a diet that consisted of strictly strawberries, one would assume that following the birth of my son, I would never be able to enjoy one again. You would be incorrect in that assumption and just this morning I almost finished a carton for breakfast. The moral of this story?  Well.. there isn’t one really but it sure does lay emphases on the fact that my life isn’t all too exciting if I am blogging about strawberries. But hey, it’s one fact you now know about me that you didn’t know yesterday 🙂

In an attempt to not completely bore you with my uneventful life, I thought I would include some of my family’s favorite strawberry recipes!

Simple & Sweet

My children enjoy their strawberries simply cut into fourths and served in a plate.

Sometimes when we are feeling rebellious, we add a scoop of cool whip and dip them in it!

Dangerously Delicious

Strawberry cheesecake should be illegal for not allowing you to enjoy just one piece because it is so mouth watering delicious.

You can find one of my all time favorite cheesecake recipes at!

You can also visit this same website and discover another great strawberry recipe. If you are looking to put together a simple and enjoyably strawberry shortcake for the family to enjoy, this recipe is for you. This has been a favorite snack of mine since I was a little girl!

I hope you have enjoyed the bit of information I shared about myself and that you find the above recipes useful to you!


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