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Sometimes Moms Just Need a Little Reassurance

I am often pretty hard on myself about my children’s bad behavior and stress over it way more than I should. Who are we kidding… I am hard on myself about it all of the time! I try my best not to worry about the judging eyes while a child is misbehaving in public. It has taken me a lot of years to not feel self conscious when I child is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store line… you eventually learn that it’s your own reaction to your child’s behavior that others are often judging you on. I try with all of my being to make sure my children understand that being respectuful and on their best behavior while out is the best way to be… that throwing fits only results in less fun time.  So now that I am done making my children sound like complete and total monsters, let me take you to a very special moment I had today!

My daughter has the rest of the week off from school so I thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring them to a little breakfast diner this morning. We don’t go out to eat that often, as I like to cook at home, so this is always a special treat for them. We had been having heavy rains and consistent downpour all morning so we decided to wait until the rain died down a little. The weather started to clear up around 10:40 so we quickly got on our coats and bolted to the car. We were at the diner and seated in no time and the kids were ready to eat some  breakfast. Our food took a little bit longer than average and I was amazed at how well the kids were behaving and getting along for having to wait so long. Once our food arrived we took our time, enjoyed something off from each others plates and talked about anything and everything. We were there for probably an hour just enjoying each others company and filling up on delicious breakfast food. We were literally bursting at the seems by the time the check came and were certainly ready to go home. As I was helping the children get their coats on and pack up our food, a little old women that had been sitting near by came to out table to tell me something. She just wanted to inform me that my children were so polite and well behaved and that she could not believe how good they had been. I felt so proud and sat there for a moment realizing “hey, my kids are pretty awesome!” It eventually brought me to the realization that I am far to harsh on myself when it comes to my children. That I worry too much about whether I am raising them correctly. I get so caught up in perfecting my little humans that I completely forget to stop and see the great results. But as the title of this post says… “Sometimes moms just need a little reassurance!” I am so thankful for that little old lady in the diner for reminding me that I am a good mom and I am doing something right.

So I just wanted to remind all of my mommy fans out there to stop worrying so much… being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there! You are an amazing mom and your children will have bad moments, but that doesn’t mean they are bad kids. They are simply kids and you are doing a perfectly fine job raising them!

Happy Turkey Day Tomorrow Everyone!



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