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Little Mr. Frugal Visits the ER

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Sunday afternoon was spent like every other weekend… we took a trip to the grocery store to get groceries for the week and we played for a bit outdoors. Mr. Frugal received some unexpected work that he needed to complete before the day was over and really needed some help. I decided to drop the kids off at their grandparent’s for a couple hours. We pulled up out front and my my daughter was out of the car and in their house in a flash! I quickly unbuckled my very excited and anxious son and we began walking to the front door. Little Mr. Frugal got a burst of energy when we were a foot away from the front steps as he did a little sprint… tripping just inches from the first brick step. Writing these words brings tears to my eyes and sends chills up my spine. The image of my son tripping and hitting his head off the edge of a brick step won’t stop playing over and over in my head… this was probably one of the most horrifying accidents I have ever seen happen to one of my children. I immediately dropped everything and I scooped him up so fast, already knowing that it was going to be horrible because he hit his head so unbelievably hard! I held up his face so I could examine the injury. I saw the cut right away and even through my son’s screaming and the blood going everywhere, the image of that deep gash will never leave my mind. He held me so tight as he screamed, it took all of my strength to stay calm as to not frighten him or his sister. My mother in law grabbed my keys and we headed to the hospital. I held and comforted my son the whole ride and then  he most frightening thing that could have happen did… he blacked out! I know children always want to nap after they have a head injury and you are suppose to keep them awake, but this was so much scarier than that. He was not waking up! I was shaking him, screaming his name, pulling his eyelids open… anything to get him to wake back up! He slowly regained consciousness, it felt like forever! There were three more times on the ten minute ride to the hospital that he started to drift off. By the time we made it inside the emergency room, he was much more alert and not falling asleep. He was still holding on to me tight and my very chatty three year old was as quite as a mouse. We didn’t have to wait very long to see a doctor and by the time they were ready to examine his wound, Little Mr. Frugal was his normal happy self again. They wrapped him up like a little burrito, which he found completely hysterical, and they cleaned his cut. They decided the best way to close it was with glue and that it would leave much less scarring. I spent the remainder of Sunday and all day Monday watching him like a hawk to make sure he wasn’t showing any signs of a concussion. Little Mr. Frugal is back to his very rambunctious self again and the whole incident hasn’t phased him one bit. He enjoys telling everyone about how he got the “booboo” and how it was “so sad.” Myself on the other hand, I am still recovering from the shock of it all. Is there anything worse than watching your child be in so much pain? From here on out I have decided that my son will sport a bubble wrap outfit for the next fifteen years because I don’t think my heart can handle another injury like that!


5 thoughts on “Little Mr. Frugal Visits the ER

  1. How petrifying!!! We all have those moments with at least one child, our hearts never pounded so hard so fast! My daughter ‘flat lined’ due to a dr’s error when she fell off the swingset and broke her arm.. moments of our children’s lives that we will never forget, but will be a story for the grandchildren one day!

  2. OMG! What is scarier in life than when your child is hurt and covered with blood? I always tried tried to be one of those calm (tranquilized?) moms who take things like this in their stride, but I could never manage it. A mosquito bite on my daughter had me calling the doctor! Thank God your boy is ok!

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