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Home Updates: Every Little Helps

If you’re ever in the process of trying to sell your home, then one of the first bits of advice you will get is that you need to update it. There’s no possible way someone would want to buy your home as it is! You have got to repaint, redecorate, and fix all those little DIY jobs you have been willfully neglecting in pursuit of a calmer life.

It’s a good point; you do need your home to be at it’s best to catch the buyer’s attention. However – is it not also a bit of a shame?

You get to the point where, as you move through various houses, that the majority of the time the house only looks at it’s best when you’re preparing to move it. There might be a bit of leeway at the beginning of your tenure, but then things will build up and it’s a downhill slope until you come to the point of selling it.

So why not bust out the tools and do the work required as it occurs, rather than letting it all build up?

“Because I don’t have time…. ”

Okay, that initial sentence is a bit misleading. Most of us would choose to do DIY blasts every time we see a minor problem occur in our home, but we don’t necessarily have the luxury of being able to do this. Work, family life, the need for a bit of a social life – get it all done and you’re running out of days in the week to fit things into.

So while a lifestyle of constant maintenance isn’t likely, why not keep up-to-date occasionally?

“How Occasionally?”

Three months would be a good start point –

“Three Months?! You want me to do every bit of DIY in my home every three months? By the time I had finished it would be time to start again!”

Three months is just a good start point! If necessary it could be only an annual thing; set aside a few weeks and blitz through it.

That said, it’s good to maybe do every six months instead. One period would be for little jobs – adjusting shelving, deep cleaning, fixing paintwork that’s been chipped or stained. Then on the flip side, you do the big jobs, like working with floor suppliers to replace flooring in high-traffic areas or getting a new shower installed.

“Six months might be okay – but it’s costly isn’t it?”

Yes, but it’s going to be costly when you come to do it prior to moving house. Unless you’re planning on staying in your existing home forever, these are still tasks that are one day going to need to be done – and what’s more, done all in one go. You’ll also have the stress of the financial cost of a move to deal with too. So why not spread the cost out by doing a little bit at a time?

“That might work…”

It will work, and what’s more, you get to enjoy your home at its best while you still live in it. What could be better?

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