Simple Ways To Look Younger On A Budget

When you switch on the TV, or open a magazine, it’s impossible to escape images of perfectly beautiful celebrities.  These guys are blowing a fortune on personal trainers, dieticians and often celebrity surgeons.  It’s probably not even worth thinking about how much they spend.  It is also quite depressing.  Imagine how great we could look if we had the money. However there are a few secrets to looking good which really don’t cost the earth.  So if you want to keep young and beautiful, check out our great guide. If you have ever thought about semi permanent makeup, make sure to check out their website.

Let’s start at zero and work our way up.  Water is free.  It is in all our homes and you can even get hold of the stuff for nothing in restaurants.  Unless, of course, you are reaching towards an expensive bottle of mineral water. Our bodies need water to survive, without it things start to go quite wrong, pretty fast.  Lack of hydration means your skin will stop regenerating correctly, your hair and nails will become more brittle and you won’t be able to digest your foods as well.  This will lead to breakouts, wrinkles and far more issues! The best thing you can do to stay young is to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.  You don’t have to fork out on mineral water either. A little investment could bag you a Trago smart water bottle.  This excellent little bottle is so much more than just a vessel to contain your water.  It will keep you informed as to how much you need and when you need to top up.  Just fill it straight from the tap and go. 

Your diet is also going to have a huge impact on how you age and the quality of your skin, hair and nails.  Eating lots of omega 3 fatty acids will ensure your cells are regenerating in the best way.  Add variety and try to keep you foods as clean as possible.  This doesn’t mean you have to go on a clean eating or paleo style diet.  It just means trying to source foods which aren’t covered in chemicals.

There are loads of brilliant skincare and makeup products on the market which can give the effect of expensive surgical procedures.  Benefit do a range called ‘They’re Real’ which includes a brilliant lip plumping lipstick.  It is a two in one product with a darker lip liner on the tip, you just swish it on and instantly you have fuller lips.  It is fantastic.

As you grow older you need to change your makeup styles.  When you are young a matte foundation is perfect, as we grow older we need to switch to a dewy effect.  Don’t think you need to spend loads on the designer brands.  Primark have been winning awards for their budget range for the last few years.  So see if you can save by checking out the budget brands.

Keep yourself healthy and hydrated then you will find you need less makeup to make you look, and feel, younger.  Pretty soon you’ll be looking as glowing as the stars.

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