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Birthday Bash On A Budget

It’s always an exciting time for your kid when their birthday is around the corner. But when it comes to moms, it can often leave us shuddering at the thought of money we will have to spend. At the end of the day, it’s not just the cost of presents for our kid. Birthday parties can also end up costing the earth. In fact, some parents can end up shedding out several hundred on their little one’s do! But there are some ways you can still have a party without spending buckets of cash. Therefore, here is how to have a birthday bash on a budget.

Reduce the number of kids

It’s so easy for the number of children attending to get out of control. After all, by the time your child has invited friends from their class, it can soon add up. In fact, their parents will often ask if they can bring their child’s sibling too. And the more children you have, the more pricey the party will become. And then you will struggle to cater for all the kids. Therefore, to ensure the party doesn’t end up costing the earth, you need to reduce the number of kids that can come to the party. Tell your child at the start how many they can have. That way, it stops the confusion when they want to invite more. And if there is only a few, you won’t need the parents and siblings to attend too.

Skip the caterer

When you are hosting a birthday bash, it can be tempting to find a caterer to do a buffet and make the cake. After all, it can be more convenient. But if you want to save some dollar, it’s time to put your cooking skills to good use. You can easily make a ton of sandwiches which will feed all the kids. And you can find quick recipes online which will be perfect for the bash. As for the cake, you can get many recipes which will guide you to make a brilliant birthday cake. Just look at how easy this secret life of pets cake is to make for your little one. Or you could even go for some cupcakes instead. After all, they can be much easier to create than a full blown birthday cake. And your kid will love cupcakes for their birthday party!

Use your humble abode

A lot of moms think it’s a must to take their kids to some form of activity place for their birthday. After all, if your child keeps going to parties at different places, you feel like you have to compete. But the problem with these places is it can end up costing you a small fortune. Therefore, you should consider having the party at home. As we said before, it will save you a ton on venue hire! And you can still make your child’s party great at your humble abode. You can put on different games which the kids will love. And they can play with your child’s toys to keep them busy. If it’s a nice day, you could even hold the party outside and won’t have to worry about mess!

And remember to look in the sales for your kid’s present. After all, you might get a significant discount off the gift.

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