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Savvy Space Saving in Kids’ Bedrooms


Savvy Space Saving in Kids’ Bedrooms

Children grow up with a lot of belongings. They will often get mountains of gifts for their birthday and Christmas every year, and it can be difficult to get your child to let go of their old things when the new stuff comes in. What started as a cute bedroom with lots of space for our toddler to move around can soon become mountain of toys, books and clothes to sort through. If you need some space saving tips for the kids bedroom this year, read on.

Under bed storage

One great space saving idea which will also give you plenty of extra storage is buying a bed with drawers underneath for storing items. It means that your child can’t just hide everything under their bed anymore, they will have to put things away where they belong. These under bed drawers are ideals for toys and books.

Mounted Nightstand

If you want to give your child a night stand when they are getting ready for school, then you can Shop for furniture and buy one which you can mount on the wall. This will save a ton of floor space and will provide a simple and efficient solution to your problem.

Wall Shelves

The easiest way to avoid worrying about the floor space you have in the kids room is to mount the shelving in the wall instead. You can buy cabinets which mount high on the wall or even simple shelves to house your child’s toys and some of their books too. It will make a massive difference in the long term.

Sliding wardrobes

The beauty of sliding wardrobes in any bedroom of the house is that you no longer have to worry about leaving enough space to open the doors. You can also mount these wardrobes onto the walls and have them fitted to save more space and provide a perfect place for your child to keep their clothes, shoes and other little bits and pieces.

An ottoman

If you are out of seating ideas in your child’s bedroom, you can make the best of both worlds and buy an ottoman which has a cushioned top to it. This means that you can store items inside the ottoman to keep the room tidy, but when your child has a friend over there is still extra seating for them to enjoy.

Stationery organizers

We all know that as our children grow up they collect a lot of pens, paints, brushes and pencils to play with in their rooms. Often it is small items like these which create a massive amount of clutter in your home. To stop this from being an issue you can go one of two ways: you can either buy a small set of drawers to store everything in, or you can buy a plastic cutlery organizer and place all of the items in here on their desk. You might not think it will make a big difference, but it can make your children much tidier!


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