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8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

New Year, new you! Or should we say, the ideal time to renovate your home? The new year is the perfect time to think about refreshing your lifestyle and making changes to revitalize your living space. A tidy house means a tidy mind, and when better to do this than at the very beginning of the new year.

If you’re taking new start as the perfect opportunity to overhaul your home, the number one priority should be the flooring. The type of flooring you have in your house can make the difference between cozy and cramped, spacious and empty, plain and interesting.

Here are our top 8 laminate flooring ideas for renovating your home in the New Year to create a home that fits your needs and lifestyle, whether that’s minimalist and dramatic or traditional and sophisticated:

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Minimalist& modern

For a home that’s as stylish as you are, choose a sleek and sophisticated laminate flooring. One of the biggest benefits of laminate flooring is that it can easily blend into any style of home décor, but minimalism is where it really shines. Keeping the rest of the room or home simple – sticking to only the basics – is key to cracking this tricky trend.

Pair a new pure white laminate flooring with Scandinavian inspired accessories such as bold pieces of furniture with clean lines, natural materials like wood, and keep to quality over quantity. When done successfully, this look will make you the envy of all your friends and family.

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Try a bold new color

Many people shy away from any color in their flooring, thinking it might overwhelm. There are in fact far more options than people realize for colors in laminate flooring, and it’s here where you can really make a statement in your home. To make sure your colorful choice is a success, our top tip is to keep the rest of the room subtle in complementary hues to let the color really stand out.

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Countryside chic

One of the most popular styles of home décor is shabby chic, combining the rustic look of old-time farmhouses with modern innovations. A wood effect laminate flooring is ideal for this choice of décor as the natural look of the wood underfoot screams country, but you still retain all the benefits of a cost effective and versatile choice of flooring.

This mixture of traditional and contemporary can be echoed in the rest of your home décor by recycling old distressed pieces of antique furniture with a quick sand down and a lick of paint.

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Easy to clean kitchen

If you’re sick of getting down on your hands and knees to scrub a cold, tiled kitchen floor that’s covered in mess, overhaul it entirely by installing brand new laminate flooring. For a growing family, this kind of flooring will make a massive different to your life – easy to wipe clean and keep tidy.

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Open plan kitchen/diner

If you’re planning a big overhaul in your home for the new year to knock down walls to create an open plan kitchen/diner, you’ll definitely be in need of new flooring. This is a very common renovation to take older houses and make them more modern.The best way to pull them into the present is to install laminate flooring that runs throughout. Having a single type of flooring across a large, open-plan space that used to be separate rooms will give it a much more cohesive feel, perfect for entertaining.

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Warm & cozy living area

While it might be a new year, that doesn’t necessarily mean the weather’s looking up. As January and February linger on, why not make your home as comfortable and cozy as it can be?

Instead of splashing out on a whole new furniture set, spruce up your living areas with new flooring and accessories to match. If your home is older, replacing a cold and creaky floor with a wood effect laminate will make all the difference. Throw a couple of warm and colorful rugs on top, add matching throws and cushions and you’ve got a snug to keep you cozy throughout the winter months.

8 New Year’s Flooring Renovation Ideas

Sophisticated wood-look flooring in the hallway

The hallway is an oft-forgotten place in the home, but remember that it’s the place your guests will see as soon as they enter and make their first impressions based on. With a dark stained wood effect laminate floor paired with ornate accessories such as gilded mirrors, what was once an insignificant entryway to your home can become elegant and glamorous.

Mix up patterns, designs& textures

Create a focal point in your home by combining different patterns, designs and textures for something that is entirely unique to you for 2018. There are various different styles of laminate flooring, with not only narrow and wide illusion planks, but also interlocking look panels, real wood grain and more. By mixing up the different styles with other complementary ones throughout your home, you’ll find a look that no one else has that’s refreshing and rejuvenating for the new year.


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