Inspire! How Motivational Quotes Really Work?

When going gets tough, most of us seek motivation for going on. This is where the inspirational quotes and videos can help us. However, the real question is do they actually inspire or motivate us or is everything a gimmick. And if they do, how do they help us?

If you notice motivational quotes, you will see that leaders and famous or influential people generally speak them. Most of them are from a different age and generation, but even today some of them hold true. So, what makes them so powerful that they inspire generations?

Coaching Factor

If you have felt lost in life, sometimes all you need is a person showing you the ropes. Motivational quotes by Eric Thomas are the prime example of a strong personality behind inspirational words. They hold value because they are the words of someone who matters. If you ask a cynic that does inspirational quotes help, he/she will say, “definitely not”. In fact, some will go forward to say that there’s no possible record that the speaker actually said what he/she is being given credit of. Due to social media, these quotes have spread rapidly and become viral, but there’s no proof that they existed.

However, the question still remains as to why they work? Generally, in times of despair, we lack the self-confidence to pull things through. So, the notion that someone believes in us, which is reflected by the motivational quotes, inspires people to continue and work on themselves. The fact is if you have a mentor, or a teacher and that person believe in you, you can go a long way. This factor is reflected by inspirational quotes.

Language Prowess & Visual Appeal

There is power in words. Certain words can sway your decision and make you believe in yourself. When you use well-expressed wisdom, the general tendency in people is to trust you. This helps people to look into themselves and draw upon their inner strength in times of problem.

Moreover, most quotes today have a visual representation, which has a positive impact on the mind. With different quote generators, people can easily create inspirational quotes which leave a long-lasting impact.

Figuratively speaking, words can only impact someone to a certain extent. Doing the work actually helps a person to overcome their problems and not quotes.  However, that does not mean that words don’t have any power to help someone take control of his/her emotion and move forward with life.

The In–Born Factors

Humans generally are ambitious in nature. No one loves to stay in the same way, even if they can. This factor in itself makes the motivational quotes effective. According to Higgin’s self-discrepancy theory, there are three types of self – the ideal, the ought and the actual self. The ideal self is the one what we aspire to become, the ought to is the person we should be like, and the actual self is what we actually are.

We become more attracted to inspirational quotes, because of our “ideal” self, which always wants us to be the best in everything that we do. It can be small things like dressing properly, or eating the right food to complex matters like a major lifestyle change or getting a job.

Another reason why words from the public figures draw attraction is that there’s an assumption that the speakers have achieved success in life, after overcoming their problems. Otherwise, they might not be in their position. This helps a person to imagine the speaker in their shoes and be inspired by the words.

The ambitious nature, along with our ability to visualize situations makes the impact of inspirational quotes much stronger than what meets the common eye.

Final Words

The point of inspirational quotes is not only to inspire but to create a spark, which pushes the person into taking the right action. The conscious minds of humans might not be motivated by the quotes, but the subconscious mind sure is affected positively by it, and there lies the success of inspirational quotes.

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