Storage on a Budget: 5 Cheapest Self-Storage Units in Las Vegas

If you live in Las Vegas and need to store some of your extra items, you want the cheapest space for your money. Clutter Storage Units have many spaces to rent that fit the cheapest price for the best space and services bill. Whether you need to store something small, something tall, something large, or something of personal value, you want your items to be secure and safe. Placing your items in the care of a cheap self-storage business may not sound safe, but this list has not only the cheapest but the best for your money in self-storage.

  1. Dollar Self Storage

The title of the company tells you what you are looking for. Dollar Self Storage is located in the North part of Las Vegas and offers 24/7 access to your items through a secure keypad and gate. They are set up as an easy drive in and drive out type storage space for quick access.

Dollar Self Storage offers the first month’s rent for only one dollar ($1). In addition, they have deep discounts for students, senior citizens, businesses, and military personnel. This is a safe, centrally located, cheaply priced self-storage facility.

  1. Life Storage

 If you live in East Las Vegas, Life Storage is priced cheaply but offers high-cost amenities. There are a number of sizes to choose from and the majority of the units have to air-condition. The layout is that of drive-up access so you can get in and out in no time. There is a “Rapid Rental” form on their website which offers to waive your administration fee ($25) if you fill it out before arriving at the storage centre. This is a bargain worth looking into. 

  1. Value Self Storage

 Value Self Storage is centrally located, yet near The Strip. If you own a business or do business along this well-travelled path, store your wares at Value Self Storage for cheap. And it is a secure self-storage building. Value Self Storage offers first-time renters the use of a free truck to haul your items from your home or business to your new storage unit. Now that’s a good value.

  1. Extra Storage Space

 With over 700 units, Extra Storage Space has just the right size space for all your storage needs. This is one of the lowest priced self-storage spaces in the Las Vegas area. Extra Storage Space is a multi-level building, is a clean and secure facility.

 In addition to being reasonably priced, Extra Storage Space has an on-site manager who actually lives on the premises. This means your items are always safe and secure. You can reach your items any time of the day or night.  

  1. Ace Self Storage

 Ace Self Storage is not only cheaply priced and secure, but it is also located in the part of town where all the stores are located. You can go to your storage unit after shopping or between stores.

 Ace Self Storage offers month-to-month rentals, so you will not be locked into a year-long contract. They also have a large selection of boxes, tapes, and other supplies you may need. This way you won’t need to make several trips when carting your items to your self-storage unit. They also offer a monthly “Managers Special” to help reduce the costs of rentals.


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