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Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For Spring

Summer is finally on its way! Okay, maybe not quite, but we’re not all that far off, and the worst of winter is behind us. Days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer, and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to get spring cleaning and get our home ready for the hotter months. It’s not just the cleaning that your home requires, though, there’s a bit of extra TLC to consider too. Whether you are refreshing your current home or plan on renting a new place this summer, getting your space ready for spring is an essential. 

To find out the secrets to a summery home, just keep on reading.

Put away the heavy blankets

Winter calls for all manner of heavy blankets, thick comforters, sweaters and draft excluders. The best way to say “bye bye winter” and “hello summer” is by committing them all to storage for the next six months. You’ll have no use for them once the weather warms up, they’ll just take up space, so grab yourself a vacuum storage bag and keep them out of the way. Replace them with light linen sheets, a thin blanket for cooler evenings, and thinner bedding, and you’ll feel more summery in no time.

Let the light in

A summer home is a bright and airy space, with oodles of natural light and freshness. It’s time to scrap the blackout blinds and let all of the sun’s goodness flood your home. The bright natural light brings you energy, so you’ll find it a whole lot easier to get all your spring cleaning done once the sun is out. Clean the windows, or employ a house cleaning service to do it for you, prune back trees which block the light from the outside, and enjoy the feeling in your home as the sun comes beaming through the window.


Somehow we seem to accumulate a whole lot more stuff throughout winter – it’s probably the fault of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and a lack of energy combined. Once you start to declutter your home, you allow yourself to declutter your mind a bit more too. When your sideboards and work surfaces are covered in bills, toys, and other bits and bobs, you can never relax as much as you might like. Once all that is either trashed or in its proper place (that means no bills on the refrigerator), it’ll feel like a whole new home, and you can properly spring clean too.

Bring the outside in

The best way to make your home feel ready for summer is to bring summer in. Use floral or leaf prints in soft furnishings brings a bright springlike feel to the home, but proper indoor plants are the real deal. House plants help to clear impurities out of the air, as well as bring a splash of color and a natural focal point to the room. If you’ve never kept house plants, buy yourself one today and see the difference it can make to your home.

With summer close and spring even closer, now is the perfect time to say goodbye to the colder, darker months, and welcome the warmer weather into your home.

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