400 Fans In One Week – Celebration Giveaway


I am VERY proud to announce that in just one week, Miss Frugal Mommy has hit it’s 400 fan mark! Just last week, I was staring at my newly created website and fan page (no fans to speak of) and wondering what in the world do I do now! Well I have been a networking maniac trying to get my Miss Frugal Mommy’s blog name out there. It has been a great success so far and I have way more fans than I would have expeted at this point. Now that the hard work is over with, we can get to the good stuff!

Here is a little way of saying thank you to the fans that have been apart of Miss Frugal Mommy’s beginning days!

I am giving away two full sheets of Jamberry Nail Shields to one lucky winner! Good luck and thanks again to my amazing fans!

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