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One Little, Two Little, Three Little Tantrums…


As many of my fans know, I am a very proud mommy to two beautiful children! They are the center of my universe and everything I do is for them… they are my greatest accomplishment by far!

My adventurous six year old daughter is where this story begins. As I think back to her earlier years, I can honestly say that she was the perfect toddler! No complaints what so over. As for my handsome, loving, snuggle bug baby boy… we are currently living in the land of tantrums where things just never go his way. He is a little bundle of energy, three toddlers rolled up in one, and very set in his ways. Is any of this sounding familiar to you? I am really hoping so because I just can’t be the only mother consoling a “kicking and screaming” two year old all day long. What oh what do I do to survive the day? Here’s a few rules I’ve established for myself in order to safely survive my son and his terrible twos:

(1) Just walk away! At the moment you are the person telling him “no” when all of his being wants to do exactly the opposite. There is no reasoning with a two year old… let him get out his cries, it wont last forever, I promise! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away from my son mid tantrum only for him to come running into the room moments later giggling.

(2) In the moment this may be difficult, but try to remember this idea: Your two year old is still learning to properly communicate with you. How frustrating must it be to lack the ability to fully explain to someone exactly what it is that’s making you so upset. Perfect example to help sum this up: Two days ago my son kept bringing me his Chugginton toy train and asking me to connect it to its adjacent piece. So of course i take the two pieces and lock the toys in their proper place together. Upon handing it back to him, he would immediately start crying and yelling “no mama” to me. This we a reoccurring event that went on at least a dozen times that day. For the life of me I just couldn’t figure out why my son was asking me to connect his toy trains together but then throwing a tantrum when I did it for him. FINALLY I realized that he wanted me to connect the pieces so they were facing each other (which was the incorrect way to do it.) Non the less, that is what my son wanted and all day he couldn’t get me to understand that. I felt so sad about it after, how frustrating it must have been for him!

(3) If all else fails, run into a door. Yes you read that right lol! I have stopped some of the most memorable tantrums by simply “tripping” over a toy and “falling” to the ground. It works every time… 🙂

(4) And lastly, try to remember that they wont always be two! Aside from the tantrums, this quite honestly has to be my favorite age! Everything is so new and exciting, the littlest things in life amaze them! One lesson I can learn from my son is to slow down… see the little things in your busy life and find the beauty in it, no matter how big or how small it may be.

I would love for you to comment freely and offer any other advice you have for mommies with two year olds.


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