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A Handy Guide To Having A Colorful Home That Still Looks Classy

A Handy Guide To Having A Colorful Home That Still Looks Classy

If you’ve still got the words of people insisting that colors make a house appear cluttered and become difficult to sell? It’s time to drown them out. The first point is only true if there is way too much color, and it hasn’t been complimented correctly. As for the second point, hey, who says you have to sell anytime soon! Don’t be restricted by what might happen in five or thirty years. After all, you can just whitewash all the walls before you list it even if you do!

Now that the naysayers have officially been rumbled, we can get to the good part. How can you make your home a colorful one? How can you blend colors together that will make a striking aesthetic, not a trashy one? It is true that too much color, especially colors that don’t complement each other, can be a bad move. But with a little guidance, a little bravery, and a little common sense, you’ll be fine.

A Handy Guide To Having A Colorful Home That Still Looks Classy

Inserting color into your home should begin with your walls. This is your first blank canvas, and you’ll need to clear out your furniture to paint walls anyway. So, start here, and it can help guide you on which pieces you replace and which you bring back it. It might be wise to hire professionals for house and trim painting because it guarantees you get a good finish. Plus, you may be able to pick your painter’s brain on where they think you should go with the color scheme!

A Handy Guide To Having A Colorful Home That Still Looks Classy

Once you’ve painted your walls or just a feature wall, it’s time to think about your furniture. Many people plug for a neutral color of sofas and chairs, like white, black, brown or gray. They say this means that the sofa will match any color scheme that you may have now or in the future. However, if you are committed to your color, and know that you’ll love it today and in the future! Go for a colored set of chairs and a sofa! A bright red sofa looks incredible, and red is a color that can be complemented by any. A similarly bright orange looks great alongside it, for example, as do whites and creams. As your sofa is likely one of the biggest pieces in your main living area, it makes a real statement for both you and any guests!

On a final note, here are a few color combinations that work really well together. Do as the Greek do and combine a rich sea blue with a classic white. This combination works really well in bathrooms and toilets, especially because white and blue tiles look gorgeous. Cream and gold are another fantastic combination and work brilliantly in places like your living room. Black accents add a further dimension here, and the gold provides a color pop. A final suggestion is to mimic a color palette that Moroccans have been rocking for centuries. Warm reds, oranges, and dark browns create an earthy color scheme that exudes warmth and cohesiveness.


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