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Starting Your Home Style from Scratch

Starting Your Home Style from Scratch Moving into a place with your significant other is a whole new exciting adventure. It’s your chance to start building your life together and to furnish your new home in style! The thing of it is, you both have very strong opinions about what does and doesn’t look good, and where you should start. After sitting on your living room floor for the last few weeks, you know that someone’s going to have to budge. You think you need to start by getting a bed and dresser and making the bedroom cozy, but your partner thinks getting a couch and living room furniture is more pressing. So, which purchases should you make first?

Getting Your Staples

Before anything else, you’re going to need to measure your space. Judging the size of your living room and other interiors by sight isn’t going to help you in deciding which sofa to go with. If anything, it’ll make you regret the purchase when you see the couch in its big and bulky form take up most of your living space. Measure your walls and floors and determine how much space you are willing to parcel up to your furniture. That dream coffee table you have saved on your Pinterest board just might not be suitable for your current space.

As you’re probably already aware, you’re going to want to invest in well-made furniture pieces. Designer Marika Meyer says that “Instead of using your budget on items that will fall apart, invest in quality items that you can use for many years to come.” This makes sense. Why should we blow our budget on a million cheaply-made things at stores like IKEA when we can get designer-crafted furniture that will last at quality outlets? Let’s take a look at some of the key furniture pieces we should buy first before we hunker down and get into the nitty-gritty of complete home design.

The Couch

Sitting on the floor for hours at a time gets old, fast. If you’re not comfortable in your living space, you’re going to start disliking it, and that’s not the way to start off living in your new home. You will want the first purchase you make to be the couch. Initially, you might think a loveseat is the way to go. Loveseats really only comfortably seat two people, so unless you want to practically be in the lap of your house guests, I suggest going for the sofa. Furniture stores like Lumens take pride in offering designer pieces by reputable companies like Blu Dot, Gus Modern and IonDesign. Take a look at Blu Dot’s Paramount Sofa for example. It’ll fit at least four people and is perfect for having a late-afternoon nap. You’ll want your furniture to have some utility, and a couch that doesn’t allow you to stretch out and relax is just a waste of money. If you purchase a leather couch, follow the advice of leather repair sheffield to keep it looking like new!

Starting Your Home Style from Scratch

The Bed

Not getting a good night’s sleep can really affect our daily living. This why the first purchases you make are going to be the most expensive, but definitely the most worthwhile. When buying a new mattress, Consumer Reports suggests comparing the three types (Memory Foam, Innerspring and Adjustable Air) to determine which you’re most comfortable on. After you’ve figured it out, make the purchase. Consumer Reports writes that trying to comparison shop for a mattress will be fruitless as product lines are exclusive to their chains and will be close to impossible to find elsewhere.

The Bookcase

You can ever have enough storage space. If your place is tight on cabinets and shelving, you’ll be living out of your cardboard boxes for a while. Find a book case (with bottom storage drawers if you can) to hold your décor and other items. This will free up some of your closet space to make more room for your clothes and other personals.

Starting Your Home Style from Scratch

The Coffee Table

Until you get a dining furniture set, you’re going to be doing a lot of eating in the living room. A coffee table will support your dinner dates and your feet and other décor objects while also tying the room together and making it feel less empty.

There’s a lot to be done when you move into a new place, and getting new furniture should make it fun. Just remember: you get what you pay for.

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