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How To Save Money As You Maintain Your Home

As a homeowner, it can feel like you are always working to better your home. Over the years, wear and tear mean we have to replace certain things or even make repairs. These can be big investments. It makes sense to carefully consider the changes we’re making. They may be able to provide us with an opportunity to make savings elsewhere in our lives. Check out these common home improvements and repairs that could offer you a chance for big savings:


Every roof will eventually weather and fail. Most will last a couple of decades before they need replacing. But before you rush into a deal to buy the same type of roofing material again, consider your options. You may have been considering a loft conversion. Or perhaps you have a flat roof that you would love to turn into a roof garden. For a roofing material that will last longer, think about changing to metal. You can find out more at websites like http://www.fergusonroofing.com/metal-roofing/ if you are thinking of a longer lasting material.

How To Save Money As You Maintain Your Home

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Wooden window frames will eventually succumb to the years of sun, rain and wind. Painting and preserving them each year can be a tiresome task to manage annually. Just like the roof, there are other options for materials. PVC frames require almost no maintenance. However, with a period house, you may prefer to stick with what you have. A benefit of replacing your windows for modern fittings is their energy efficiency. They may keep you warmer in the winter, and cut out more noise from outside too.


If your garden is past its best, consider all the possibilities before you dig it up and lay more turf. A patio area may provide you with a great outdoor dining area. You can still keep it green by installing a porch vegetable planter. This could save you money on your grocery bill. And it will certainly save you a lot of time mowing and weeding! If you have the space to grow more than you need, you could even sell the excess produce for a profit.

How To Save Money As You Maintain Your Home

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Walls can easily get scuffed up and dirty. Before you invest in expensive accent color paints and wallpaper, why not consider some wall art to make the walls more interesting? A cheaper neutral color for the walls can act as a background. Then, as you fancy a change in style or color, change the wall art. The same can be done with sofa throws, cushion covers, rugs, and drapes. They are all much cheaper and quicker to change than new carpets, furniture or paints.

Looking after your home can be a full-time job, but it doesn’t need to be a costly one. You can still enjoy a beautiful home with a fresh new look without the expense. And some of these ideas can save you a lot of money too. Before you get on with your next big home maintenance job, consider what more you could do. Love your home.

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  1. Great post Heather. You are right, that eventually your roof will give out. However, there are ways to make it last longer. If you keep your gutters cleaned out, replace roofing materials as necessary, and fix small problems as they come up, you can add a lot of life to your roof. Anyway, have a great day.

  2. Thanks for explaining that it would be smart to get a material that will last a long period of time. As a new homeowner, I want to make sure that my home stays in good shape for a long time. It is might be smart for me to get a roofer to help me choose a roofing material that will last a long time.

  3. Great advice! And always work with a professional when you do need to do a full replacement. While there is so much information out on the internet, they will help you to find exactly what works for your area, your home and your budget. Know that it worked out well for us.

  4. Being practical is not a sin. Frugality is a trend. Most parents love to live in a simple life with their kids. It saves time and money in maintaining your home in the simplest way. You are right. Every roof needs to maintain before bad weather happens.

  5. I’m so thankful on the internet today, there are great tips you can get in just one click. Everything you need under the sun is not a miles away. I’ve got your blog over Google when I was looking for something I can get to save money in maintaining the house. I’m glad to know, your blog is perfect. It captured what I like about my house.

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