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Your Guide to Knowing Where to Start When Renovating Your Home

Moving home can provoke ideas of anxiety and stress, while there are ways to mitigate these, you may decide to stay in your current home and renovate. It has been estimated that the average price of your house could increase by 10 percent if you decide to make renovations. 

Even taking the decision to renovate can be fraught with anxiety if you are unsure what to do and when to do it. No matter what the size of the extension you are considering if you follow the steps outlined below, it should make the process as straightforward as possible. Knowing the timeline of events will assist with planning, help you stay within budget and the end result will be a home you are proud of and happy to live in.

Planning Stage

This stage involves sitting down and working out what renovation you want to take place. 

This is a great time to hire some architects who will be able to put your vision into a practical plan. They can also help secure a builder for the work and if planning permission is required, they can submit the plans and designs to the local authority for approval.

While you may have the structural design completed, you should consider the design and materials for the interior. This will help you plan for the type of budget you need to complete the project.  You may also want to consider how you will fit your home appliances into your design.

Deciding where you will spend will allow you to make choice when it comes to fixtures and fittings. Will you be mixing high-end specification items with budget items?  

Obtaining quotes is another important step in the renovation journey. These are important to ensure you can stick within your budget and allow you to seek out contractors who are professional, reliable, and can conduct the work to a standard you are happy with.

Preparing for the Renovation Stage

There is no denying it, renovations can be messy especially if you are living in the house at the time. Deciding whether to remain in the house while work is ongoing will be important. 

Although a benefit of being on-site is that you can see what is happening and be on hand for any questions the builder may ask. Make the decision based on your own needs but remember if you need to rent a property this will add to your overall costs.

During the Renovation Stage

Knowing what happens when will be important to ensure you understand how the project is going. 

The stages of building often are as follows and if needed:

  • Removal of structural walls/ceilings
  • Foundations are built
  • Walls built, structural supports for roof, tiles
  • Installation of windows/doors
  • Installation of electrics/plumbing/utilities
  • Inspection by the local authority
  • Opportunity to fix any issues
  • Installation of kitchens/bathrooms
  • Plastering of walls/ceiling
  • Decorating

These are just some of the steps taken when renovating your home. It is always great getting to the decoration stage and sitting in an area that has been renovated. Remember that renovating is hard work but it can be so rewarding for all concerned especially if you don’t want the hassle of moving home.

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