5 Ways To Save Money On Home Appliances

Home appliances can often be expensive to purchase. They can also consume a lot of energy and be costly to fix when they break, making them expensive in the long run. To help you spend less on home appliances, here are seven tips.

Buy appliances outright when you can

While some stores offer finance schemes with 0% interest, many finance schemes will charge interest – which could mean spending more money than is necessary in the long run. Miss a payment and you could also have late payment charges to contend with. When you can, always buy appliances outright to save costs. 

Check out what is on sale

Look out for appliances that are being discounted. Most stores will have sales on throughout the year, often as a way of getting rid of models in order for the newest series to come in. That said, you’ll find some of the best deals in winter – particularly in leadup to Christmas and in January, when demand for appliances is lowest. 

Say no to the extended warranty

If you’re buying an appliance brand new from a store, it should always come with a free warranty (usually lasting about a year). The store may try to sell you an extended warranty at an added price. In most cases, this warranty isn’t worthwhile – the overall monthly fees of this warranty will likely cost more than you’d ever spend on repairs, plus you could find that the warranty doesn’t cover certain damage.

Consider used appliances

Used appliances are much cheaper than new appliances. You may even be able to pick up free appliances on sites such as Gumtree (although you may have to find a way of transporting the appliance to your home). Older appliances are more likely to need repairs more frequently and may not be very energy-efficient. However, if you’re spending very little up front, you may find that the costs in the long run are worthwhile. 

Look out for energy-efficient appliances

It’s worth researching into the energy rating if you’re not on a fixed energy tariff. Washing machines, ovens and refrigerators can contribute massively to your energy bills. By only buying appliances with a good energy rating, you may be able to save money on your energy bills in the future. 

Know when to do your own repairs

When an appliance breaks, don’t automatically call out someone to repair it. In some cases, you may be able to buy your own parts and repair it yourself. There are Youtube tutorials and how-to blogs online that can guide you through a range of basic repairs. This could save you a lot of money. Not all repairs should be attempted oneself – anything involving intricate electrics or gas plumbing is probably best avoided for your own safety.

Use your home appliances more sparingly

You may be able to save money in the long run simply by using your appliances less. This could include avoiding using your oven for long periods, or only washing full loads of laundry and not half loads. This could have a significant impact on reducing your energy consumption. 

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