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Ways To Stay Warm For Less

The winter months are generally more expensive due to excessive heating bills and warmer clothes expenses. This isn’t ideal if you are on a budget. 
Yet, it is important to stay warm in the winter. Being cold is not comfortable and can cause various health issues. Therefore, it is best to know how to stay warm for less if you are on a budget.

Install a new heat pump

Installing a new heat pump will economize your life and warm up your home so that you can enjoy staying warm throughout the colder months and not panic about the bill.

If your heat pump gets old, it will stop working as efficiently. It might not reach a high temperature or it might take some time to heat up. Either way, it will take longer to help you get and stay warm, which will cost more money. A brand-new pump will provide more efficiency and help you stay warm for less. 

Cover up

If you want to stay warm with less heat, meaning not putting the heating on or switching it to a high setting, it is a good idea to keep yourself covered. If you expose any parts of your body, outside or inside the home, you will experience the cold.

Keeping your ankles and wrists covered will keep the warmth within your clothes and ensure nothing escapes. The more covered you are, the warmer you will stay.

More layers at home

Having more layers at home involves both your clothing and your soft furnishings. If you lack soft furnishings in the house – blankets and cushions – your space will feel and retain the cold. 

Soft furnishings maintain warmth and are a great way to cover up and stay warm. Adding more blankets to your bedrooms and living space will ensure everyone can cover up and remain warm. 

It is a smart idea to cover up with a blanket when switching the heating on as you will warm up quicker and not feel cold once you are uncovered. Staying under for 30 minutes or so can be enough to take the chill away and wait for the heating to warm the home. 

Heated items

Although they will be an initial investment, it is a great idea to invest in heated items to help you stay warm and not pay extra bills to use them. Some items might require charging, but this will not cost as much as using the heating. 

For instance, you can purchase heated gloves and socks, which will keep you warm inside and outside. Or, you can purchase a heated blanket for the sofa or your bed so you can stay warm without turning the heating on. 

Hot water bottles are another great item to own as you can warm up your bed with them before you get in or hold it against you under a blanket for extra comfort and warmth. 

Heat one room

If you are on a tight budget yet wish to switch the heating on, it can be more cost-effective to heat only one room. To do so, you will need to switch off the rest of the radiators. That way, only one will need to be heated and you will use less energy. 

It is best to heat the room you will use the most. Most people choose to heat a living room as more people gather here and it is great to layer up and sit there until you need to go to bed to stay warm for as long as possible. 

Eliminate draughts

If you have a draught entering your home, you will definitely feel the chill and minimize the effect of your heating. Therefore, it is best to eliminate the draughts so that your home can stay as warm as possible. 

Some draughts might be able to be covered with draught strips near doors and windows. Others might need extra measures such as adding a new door or fitting a new window. The latter costs more, yet it is worth it if your home often feels colder than it should. 

Keep moving

Although you might want to relax at home, it can make you feel colder than you need to. Getting up and keeping moving every so often will ensure your blood stays warm, which will help you stay warm. 

Getting off of the sofa every 30 minutes to walk around the house can be enough to help maintain your body heat, even when the heating isn’t switched on. If you are really cold, ensure to remain covered and walk around with your heated items or a blanket.

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