Are You Too Busy To Look After Yourself?

We all have those busy days where it seems like we don’t even have a moment to breathe.  However, when you’re both a parent and someone with a full time job, these days tend to occur more than most! 

As a result of all the little things you need to do, like read bedtime stories in the perfect voice and pour the cereal in the bowl just right, you hardly have a minute to yourself most weeks. 
And about now, that’s leaving you with no time to put your own health first. So, if it’s been well over a year since you were in the doctor’s office, we’ve got some tips down below for you!

Focus on One Thing at a Time

When you realize you’re only really able to keep up with brushing your teeth twice a day, you can be spurred into action. You suddenly want to tackle everything at once, and start exercising, meal prepping, and meditating all at once. But if you try this, you’re going to throw yourself off – it’s a lot to manage on a busy schedule! 

So, if you want to change a few health related things in your life right now, only do it one at a time. It’s hard enough to take on a new diet and workout regime at the same time when you’ve got a clear week, nevermind when you’re trying to squeeze in just 5 minutes of stretching! 

Be Honest with Healthcare Providers

When it comes to doing right by yourself, talking to a doctor about your health is the most basic step to follow. However, many people can put this off, or cancel time and time again when an appointment just doesn’t sit in the schedule right. And this is something to combat as soon as you notice yourself doing it. 

After all, heading off to a Pearly Smile Dental Studio appointment twice a year is good for you, no matter how annoying it might be to fit in! So be honest with your healthcare providers about your schedule worries. This way they can offer more suitable appointments, and even delve into telemedicine to make your healthcare more accessible. The more they know, the healthier you’ll be. 

Try to Take on Less

No one wants to have to deal with stress attacks and their related illnesses at any age, but if you’re only in your 30s while experiencing them, it’s definitely not normal. It’s a clear sign from your body that you need to dial it back. 

So, take a bit of PTO, cut down on work duties, and delegate at home more often. Then use this time to focus on you. Focus on calming and fun activities that help you feel good in yourself. If you’re not sure what to try, ask a doctor about what kind of things would help.

Looking after yourself should be high on the priority list. From now on, make sure your engine is at full capacity!

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