Keeping Yourself Warm in Winter

Everybody wants to save on their heating bills. With the mix of the cost of living crises and the energy crisis, it’s more prevalent now than ever before to make plans on how to save money. During the colder months of winter, no matter which heat source you choose to use you need to be able to cut costs. To do this, you need to adopt temporary measures to keep the thermostat turned down and consistent. 

From getting your Hunter Pure Air checked for any maintenance issues to adding curtains to each room to layer up the house and keep the heat in there is much that you can do. To make this easier for you, we’ve put together a list of ways that you could stay warm this winter. Let’s take a look below.

  • Keep the air circulating. The heaters in your home keep the doors open to allow the hell air to circulate through all the rooms of the house that you are using. If there are any rooms that don’t have heating and you are not using them, shut the door so that you are not warming up an unused room.
  • Double up on the windows. Adding blinds and curtains to your windows is a great call if you are looking for ways to keep the heat in and stay warm at night time in the winter. In saying that, he will also stay a lot warmer in the daytime if you have double layers on your windows. Not only will you keep the cold air on the other side of the glass, you will keep the warm air inside the house exactly where it’s supposed to be.
  • Close the gaps. The gaps around windows and doors need to be closed out so that you don’t have to worry about air leakage. You can do this with caulk for any gaps and cracks, and you can do it with draught excluders. Doing this will stop any air from leaking out as well as cold air coming in.
  • Double up on the heaters through the house. Even if you have ducted heating or you have wall mounted radiators, adding space heaters through the house to use for short bursts at a time is a good idea. Just don’t forget to switch these off if you move from the room, because space heaters can cost extra and they can bite you if you aren’t careful.
  • Layer up. A very cheap and easy way to keep warm is to add more layers. Using thermal clothing and extra vests and T shirts will really help to keep you warm. Failing all of that, add a couple of extra blankets onto your bed and onto your sofa so that they are there for you to feel warm when you need to.

It’s far easier to keep warm in the winter if you are aware of your surroundings, so figure out what it is that you need and make sure that you implement it as early as possible.

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