What To Do If You Have No Hot Water Available

It can be frustrating to live in a house or a rented accommodation that loses its hot water. We tend to forget just how much we rely on these basic amenities, like hot water, electricity and general insulation until we lose out on them. Hot water is something you should have access to, and if you’re in rented accommodation it will be on the landlord to resolve that issue, usually within a day or a few days at an absolute push.

Lacking hot water affects everything, from how you can bathe or shower, to how easy it is to wash your dishes, to other implements like your heating system. If you own your property, calling an emergency plumber can help the issue become identified and managed as appropriate, helping you get back up to speed as quickly as possible.

In the interim, however, it’s good to think about ways to substitute your usual daily efforts with alternatives that keep you going. It’s this we hope to discuss today:

What Does The Thermostat Say?

The first thing you should do if there is no hot water in your house is to check the thermostat. Your water heater’s thermostat regulates the water’s temperature; it’s possible that it was switched up or down accidentally or without your knowledge. Locate the water heater and look for a little dial or control panel to check the thermostat. Simply raise the thermostat’s setting if it is currently set too low. If the thermostat is off, switch it back on and wait for the water to warm up for a while. If this doesn’t work, the problem may be more pronounced.

Consider The Placement Of Your Water Heater

It’s important to make sure you store your water heater or boiler appropriately to avoid having no hot water in your home. This entails keeping the boiler in a dry, well-ventilated space and avoiding placing an excessive amount of strain on it. For instance, if someone is doing the dishes and you are taking a shower at the same time, the water heater may be overworked and break down. To avoid this, attempt to space out your hot water usage or buy a bigger water heater to accommodate your family’s needs.

Search For Temporary Alternatives

There are a few short-term fixes you might try if you discover that your home is without hot water. To wash dishes or take a quick sponge bath, heat water to a boil on the stove or in a kettle. Another temporary source of hot water is portable water heaters. If you need to take a shower, think about going to a gym or pool that welcomes guests. An alternative would be to stay with friends or relatives who do have hot water. Even though these options may not be perfect, they can get you by until your water heater can be fixed properly.

With this advice, we hope you can cope until your hot water access is fixed, and then you can take that long, luxurious home shower you’ve been deprived of.

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  1. If you use a lot of water, consider switching to a tankless water heater. A tankless model can ensure hot showers for the whole family, enough warm water for dishes and laundry and a restful soak in a warm bath after a long day at work.
    Plus, it’s more energy-efficient.

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