A Winter Coziness Guide For Permanently Frozen People

Winter can be a tough time for some people. While the majority of the population welcomes the cold weather, there is a significant segment who simply can’t bear it and want nothing to do with it. 

A white Christmas? You can shove it!

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to stay warm in winter. Here’s our ultimate coziness guide. 

Carry A Sheep’s Wool Blanket Around With You

When the weather is appalling outside and the mercury is hitting -25°F, you need more than a sweater to keep you feeling warm. That’s why it’s a good idea to carry a heavy wool blanket around with you wherever you go. First and foremost, it’ll remind you of being a child. But on top of that, it’ll give you the weight and warmth you need to feel like you’re subsumed inside a wonderful nest. You don’t want to feel like you’re stuck out on some windswept pier with icicles forming in your hair. 

Get Some Soup Inside You

Salads are fun in the summer, but they’re terrible in the winter. They don’t provide enough energy and they do nothing to warm you up at all. 

That’s where hot soups enter the picture. These provide maximum warmth and leave you feeling toasty afterward, even if you don’t have any bread with them!

Here’s a potato soup recipe you might want to try. It’s perfectly thick for winter and warms you from the inside out, just what you need on freezing cold days. 

Get More Iron

People who feel cold in the winter often lack iron in their bodies. As such, they can’t generate enough heat in their extremities, like their fingers and toes, causing them to go blue. Not what you want!

Fortunately, you can easily get more iron into your diet. Eat more greens or consume organ meats. It’s that simple. If you’re seriously low on this mineral, talk to your doctor. They can provide further guidance on how to increase it. 

Embrace Hygge Interiors

You can also ramp up the coziness in your home considerably by embracing Scandinavian hygge. This philosophy aims to make your interiors as soft and cozy as humanly possible, creating interior spaces that always make you feel warm and cozy, even if the snow is piling up 12-foot tall outside. 

Hygge interiors are all about soft furnishings and plenty of cushions everywhere. Try to get rid of anything cold or metallic that might wreck your coziness ambitions. 

Soften Your Lighting

Lastly, you can try making your interiors cozier by softening your interior lighting. A little bright light during the day is okay, but you’re in trouble if it gets too luminous. 

You can soften your lighting by using yellower and more orange tones. LED bulbs come with special filters that take out some of the blueness. 

Hopefully, with this advice, you can feel a little less frozen this winter. If all else fails, just pretend it’s summer and trick your body into feeling warm again. 

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