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Top tips for a comfortable and welcoming home from the inside out

Top tips for a comfortable and welcoming home from the inside outHome is where the heart is. It is where you should be most safe and most comfortable. When you walk in that front door, you should immediately breathe a sigh of relief, because you are home. You are in your space, designed and made to fit you like a second skin. A place that makes you feel happy, relaxed and at peace. It is also a place of family and friends and coming together. It’s a place where you can host and make others feel welcome and share with them your little piece of heaven.

Our homes over time tend to become less of a refuge and more a place for refuse. Clutter piles up, colors fade and efforts dwindle to keep that fresh feel that new homes boast. For older homes, keeping up the appearance and feel of relaxation can be difficult and expensive. When you’re on a budget or have a big home to take care of, the thought of doing renovations can be daunting. Wanting to keep your home looking good for guests is something we all desire. I’ve been thinking about small ways to make my home more appealing, both to myself and to the friends I welcome through the door.

Bring the outdoors in

Plants are known to have a positive, healthy effect on their environment and – both indoors and out. Having well-positioned and thriving plants inside your house can clean the pollutants out of the air and helps reduce cold-related illnesses. Nature is soothing, boosts mood and can even improve your sleep so having nature inside will bring a sense of calm into your home. Make sure to take care and get the right types of plants – ones that are easy to care for and aren’t a danger to any pets or young children.

Choose a color scheme in the garden

Nothing makes a home look more beautiful and welcoming than a complementary set of colors on the walls, furniture, and decorations. The color scheme of the garden, however, is usually overlooked. Choosing a style and color plan for your flowers can give it a more uniform and approachable feeling. It can also be a conversation starter because it is a bit more unique approach to gardening than the traditional pack of mixed wildflowers. Rest assured, it will an excuse for a get together when your neighbors swing by to find out the color combinations for this year’s annuals.

Make sure the climate of your home is at its most optimal. In the Florida heat and humidity, having a home that is climate controlled is important to make sure you’re not perspiring indoors as much as you would be outdoors. When your guests walk through your front door, they should feel a sense of relief and comfort almost immediately. Make sure your temperatures are set properly for the time of year and use a thermostat to automatically adjust the levels in your home. If your home is older call an A C Repair company to come out and ensure your unit is running as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Plant older trees for a sense of longevity

Trees offer shade, fruit, and privacy. They also give a home a sense of history and future, with their deep roots and protective branches. Adding a tree to your yard can give your home a more lived-in, natural feel and can be a welcoming meeting point for children, grandchildren, and guests that come to visit. Adding a tree will not just improve the appearance of your home, it will also contribute to the overall environment. Choosing the right tree for your yard might be difficult, so do your research and get some help if you need it.

Decorate the guest bathroom

One of the easiest ways to make a noticeable difference in our homes is by decorating the guest bathroom. One of the most intimate and private areas of our homes that our guests will see, it is important that the guest bathroom is clean, fresh smelling and well lit. Due to its smaller size, this is one of the easiest, and cheapest, rooms to paint. A fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference in such a small space. Make sure the mirror is clean and the counters free of watermarks. Add some personal touches like a magazine rack, soft hand towels that match your paint and perhaps a decorative plant.

Spruce up your entrance

Whether you have a short walkway up to your home or a beautiful wooden porch, make sure the entryway to your home is open, bright and welcoming. Start by decluttering and making sure the area is free of items that might make it difficult for anyone to reach your front door. Make sure that bushes and hedges are trimmed and not encroaching on the sidewalk. Remove any tools or toys that are lying around and might pose a tripping risk. Then think about ways to make the entrance to your home unique and beautiful. Add some seasonal décor to make your home inviting and festive.

Get a sense of scents

Imagine walking into a friend’s home, and the first thing you smell is leftovers in the garbage. It’s not very welcoming. While we all sometimes forget to take the garbage out as regularly as we should, there are a few smart ways we can make sure our homes are full of the smells that welcome our guests. Using Febreze on your furniture and rugs at least once a week will help keep scents from sticking to the fabric. You could also have a small automatic air-freshener hidden near the front door, which regularly gives little bursts of fragrance, use potpourri or have a candle in the kitchen. Be very careful with your scent choice though, as some of your friends might be very sensitive to smells or even have allergies.

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