An Inspirational Back To School Message: Smart Is The New Cool

Project Mc2

Last week my daughter attended a meet and greet at her school where students and parents had the opportunity to check out their new classrooms and spend time with their teacher. Skye was instantly comfortable in her new classroom, you could see the excitement in here eyes. The teacher handed her a dry erase marker and told her to pick out her desk and write her name on it. My amazing daughter walked to the front of the room and wrote her name on the desk front and center of the classroom! That was a very proud moment for me, her eagerness to get back to school and start learning again inspires me. Two days ago she walked onto the school bus with confidence and road off with a smile on her face. She is so thrilled to be back in school and is loving every second of it. My hope is that she always feel proud for being smart and doing well in school, society puts such a bag stigma on intelligence in school and kids are meant to feel embarrassed or ashamed if they get good grades. It’s our responsibility as their parents to teach them that being smart is the new cool, kick aside words like “geek” and “nerd” and not allow children to feel ashamed for being smart.

I was so happy to discover that on August 7th a brand new Project Mc² Netflix Original Series will be available to stream. The show features four supercool teen spies who show how girls can use their science smarts and math problem-solving skills to save the world. It’s so great to finally see a show that shows how being smart can and is cool! We will defiantly be streaming this on Friday!


EAH-Way-Too-Wonderland Vertical EN

Netflix Original: Ever After High: Way Too Wonderland


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Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


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How the State Got Their Shapes


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Odd Squad

Check out the offspring of favorite fairytale characters in Ever After High’s new Way Too Wonderland adventure (debuting Aug. 14) empower kids to write their own life stories. Whether Royal or Rebel, your actions, behaviors and choices are your own to make.


Get your little ones ready for new experiences with shows like the Netflix original Dinotrux from DreamWorks, premiering Aug. 14 — prehistoric hybrid dinosaur-construction vehicles team-up to use their different skills to solve problems and show that even the most uncommon of duos, like Ty-Rux and Revvit, can form friendships of a lifetime. 

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Reading Rainbow


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Magic School Bus


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The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

They can also go anywhere and be anything by letting their imaginations soar on a Reading Rainbow journey, now available to stream.

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