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Top 10 Bedroom Hacks to Make the Absolute Most of Your Sleeping Space

Top 10 Bedroom Hacks to Make the Absolute Most of Your Sleeping SpaceYour bedroom is possible the most important room in your whole house, after all, it is where you spend half your life! Having limited space doesn’t mean your bedroom should be any less homely or comforting to you though! It is so important to get a bit of a routine going and having a place that you feel comfortable and secure in is such a massive part of that routine. Also, it is lovely to be surrounded by a place that represents you and your style and can make you feel right at home. Here is a list of the top ten hacks to make your bedroom functional, comfy and a true reflection of yourself.

1) Make your bedroom feel unique to yourself. You want it to represent exactly who you are. You could do this by having posters up of the bands that you love, or if you have a certain hobby like making clothes, for example, having a sewing machine on display. You just want to do whatever you can to make yourself feel at home. Have your wall painted a color that you love and everything you don’t think represents you, just get rid of it or replace it.

2) Your bed is the most important part of the room. You can do all sorts of things to make your bed cozy and inviting. To start with, you’ll need a mattress that suits you, to find this out, mattress guides can help, you will need one that suits your posture so you can get the best nights sleep! Also, make sure that your bed covers are always clean and your pillows are always fluffy. You should change your pillows as often as you can because the flat, worn out pillow can be awful for your back.

3) Make yourself feel connected. A massive way to feel a home, secure and comfortable in your bedroom is to have loads of pictures up in your room of your family and friends. You might think this is a bit cheesy, but it can be done in so many ways, you could make a cool collage or find some unique photo hangers to make it just look like a piece of art, but you still get to see all the lovely faces of the people you care about!

4) Have a bit of a redecoration! You don’t have to break the bank to decorate your room nicely. There are so many ways you can be frugal about freshening up the style of your room. The aim is to make your room the kind of place that you want to be. You can do some small bit like just painting your drawers in a more modern color. Or you could get a new lamp shade that gives off nice lighting patterns; there is so much you can do without spending a fortune!

5) Organize your wardrobe. Seriously! Just do it! It may seem like a tedious and arduous task, but it just has to be done. No one needs 300 hundred pairs of jeans in slightly different washes! You’ll feel so much better being able to go to your wardrobe and only see things you love and are absolutely dying to wear! Follow this guide on how to clean it out to reach this happy stage! It helps with your head as well. It is so hard to be in a place that is messy.  

6) Along the same lines, always keep your whole room decluttered. Every six months or so, go through all your draws and donate everything that you haven’t used in the last six months because you don’t need it! No one wants to be in a place that has loads of stuff lying around in it that you just can’t get away from. It plays on your mind, and if you ever had anything to do in your room (homework/work or even just writing a thank you letter), it is almost impossible to do it in a cluttered room.

7) Keep a selection of your favorite books and films around you in your room at all times. Again, it is all about loving the place you are in and feeling at home. You want to have a selection of your favorite films and books or whatever else it is that you love easily available to you at all times. You want to feel surrounded by things that are so adamantly you.

8) Staying cozy in your room isn’t that hard and just takes a few little updates to achieve that high level of homeliness that we are going for. One thing that you can do is simply add a string of fairy lights to the top of your bed; it makes it feel warmer and more inviting! Also, you can simply add a few blankets to your bed or stack a couple of candles around. It creates a warmer atmosphere.

9) You don’t want to feel too cramped in your room so some things you could do to make it a bit more spacious would be to remove any unnecessary furniture. If things can be doubled up, definitely do that! For example, have your draws next to your bed and use it as a bedside table! Also, put more things on the wall if possible like lights, etc. To save more space. You can also add mirrors to any gaps to create the illusion of more room.

10) One thing that you really don’t want hanging around your room is loads of cables. They don’t look very tidy and just create more clutter. You could redecorate them by tying a nice string around them or find a way to get them out of sight. Also, cables that you aren’t using at any given time, put them away in a box or keep them out of sight, don’t just leave them lying around if it can be helped!

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  1. This is very good detailing on bedroom arrangement for better sleeping. Pillows are the most vital part of it.shared in a very understanding manner and I find it very useful for me, thank you so much for sharing. Keep sharing !!

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