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Frugal Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

To be frugal means to be sparing or economical. But the term frugal doesn’t have to just refer to being economical with your spending; it can also refer to your home and its design. Not only this, but it could refer to a number of possibilities in sprucing up your bedroom. Leading a frugal life can lead to happiness, and being frugal, yet practical, with the space in your bedroom can turn it into the perfect sleep-time oasis.

Frugal Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

Being frugal could, to you, mean channeling your inner minimalist and getting rid of everything from your bedroom that adds no value to your life, in turn making room for the things that do. Minimalism is a lifestyle choice where those who practice it clear the clutter from their lives and let in far more important aspects, such as: health, relationships, growth and passion. Does that sound good? Well maybe it’s time to give your bedroom, a minimalist makeover, and there are many benefits of doing so, including: a room that is easier to clean, less of a focus on material possessions and more on life itself, a healthier bank balance and less stress.

This would mean getting rid of everything in your bedroom that has no purpose, or that that has outlived its purpose. Sorting out your wardrobe and giving those pieces of clothing that are no longer ‘in-season’ or that you have grown out of to a charity is a good start. Also, getting rid of any books that have just been gaining dust for the past few years is a good way to cut your clutter. Even though it may be hard to get rid of some things, you must remember there is no room for sentiment when trying to make room in your bedroom!

Being frugal could also mean tidying and even hiding those things that get in the way but are in fact needed. If your bedroom has, of late, been inundated with cables and wires that charge the various phones, laptops and tablets that you use every day, and you’re sick of the messy mountain of tangled wires: try taming them by simply attaching a wire basket under your bed. And no, this isn’t just a ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of tip: it’s a neat way to keep adapters and sockets off the floor (saving your feet from potential disaster) and keep your rooms cable free, whilst still meaning that they are in reach for those late night internet sessions when you watch videos or listen to podcasts to help you sleep.

But you don’t have to a minimalist and get rid of half of your worldly belongings, or hide them, to be economical with the space in your bedroom. Another way of doing so, especially in smaller bedrooms, is by making the most out of the space in a practical and creative sense. You could have your bedroom necessities hang down to create more space around you — try a hanging lamp in order to free up some space on your bedside table, which, if it’s big enough, could even been used as a small desk, and suspend tables from your ceiling. A much less creative, but far more easily accessible, option is draping an over door hanging shoe organizer behind your, you guessed it, door in order to move all those shoes that have been hogging up your floor.

And of course, let’s not forget the focal point of the room — the main reason for the room in fact — your bed. The bed leaves a lot of space in the room to fill — having a duvet cover, for instance, could not only fill that space but could create the illusion that there is more going on in the room than there actually is. Being economical with the space provided by the bed is worthwhile in this sense, but it also practical. What is a duvet cover? Well a duvet cover is cover for your comforter, which means its fabric is stopped from yellowing, it is protected from stains and body oils, and it is safeguarded against general wear and tear. And the more time your comforter spends in your bed, and the less time in the laundry basket, then the more time it can spend, well, comforting you!

So, being economical and frugal with the space in your bedroom is not only a way of making it look more aesthetically pleasing, but it is also a way of improving its practicality. Who knew one room could do so much?

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