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How Pulling Together Helps Make Money Online

When you read news reports, it can sometimes seem like the internet is a dark and sinister place. That’s where the cyber bullies and trolls live; it’s where people meet online dates that turn out to be disastrous, if not dangerous. Some commentators would have you believe online is where the worst recesses of humanity live.

If you’ve experienced the online world, however, that’s just not true. Like all things, there’s a dark side that most of us would rather avoid- and we do, successfully. The internet allows us to fall in love with countries we have never been to, connect with friends and even make a little extra money on the side. The only way it’s possible to do that is by connecting with a hivemind, a vast wealth of human experience that is driven by personal stories.

How Pulling Together Helps Make Money Online

There is a great sense of camaraderie among those who strive to make money online. There is no finite amount of resources, and everyone is out looking for the best deals. What’s more, when they do discover some new site or offer, then they frequently share it. Others return in kind when they find their own tips, creating a vast worldwide web of people helping one another out. After all, there is little so empathetic a struggle as that of having problems making ends meet.

The benefits of this community massively outweigh the potential problems. For example, if you find a new site or opportunity, then with a few forum clicks or blog posts read, you can discover whether it is worth your time. You can read reviews of potential revenue streams, being able to click here and there to find open, honest opinions. This saves you time and potentially makes you money, all thanks to the help of faceless strangers.


It is also nice to be able to be in the same boat as other people. Struggling with money and enforced frugality can make you feel very lonely. Most of us don’t feel comfortable sharing our plight with family and friends, for fear of judgement or just discomfort. Support is essential to the success of anything, though, and if you can’t get it your “real” life, then your cyber one offers an outlet. People bond over shared experiences and difficulties, providing valuable support and even friendship. You don’t have to worry about judgement in these circles; everyone is in the same boat and pulling for one another to succeed. I connected with someone and was able to find a simple way to make money on my photographs by selling my photos online!

From the outside, this kind of network can seem impossible to venture into. You don’t know the lingo, what the acronyms mean and why one survey site is preferable to another. If you invest a little time, however, you will soon pick it up. This is one place to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to state “I don’t know what’s happening” and let people help you fill in the gaps. In time, you will be able to offer the same comfort to a fresh wave of newbies, ultimately benefiting everyone.

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