The Benefits Of Adopting A Labrador

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I am a huge advocate for pet adoption and am always looking for ways to encourage and educate others in the importance of pet adoption! If you are considering welcoming a new dog into your home and have your heart set on a Labrador , I have some advice to share with you when it comes to the benefits of adopting this breed of dog.

Adopting a Labrador retriever has so many benefits, but I would have to say the most noticeable one is that they are highly intelligent and always eager to learn more.  Most Labradors are fast to housetrain and easily learn commands. Like their name suggests… they are also great retrievers!  Their origins as a hunting/fishing breed means they are willing to retrieve anything, whether it be from a downed duck or their favorite frisbee tossed through a field. 

They are incredibly friendly and outgoing, so if you want a dog that you can bring anywhere or travel with… this is the dog for you! Their friendly and outgoing personality means that they make great family pets and can get used to a variety of social situations. Labradors are also known for being friendlier than many other dog breeds and have the potential to be very outgoing.

Keep in mind that a Labrador is not the type to laze around in the house all day and they require both mental and physical stimulation. Labradors can be quite a bit more energetic than some other laid-back dog breeds, they have a high exercise requirement and need to be walked daily. You really need to take a close look at your lifestyle to ensure that you have the time and the energy to exercise a Labrador like he needs to be.

A little over two years ago we walked into a local Atlanta pet shelter and brought home our amazing dog, but sadly there were so many more that needed homes. Breaks my heart to see all those adorable faces desperately waiting for their new family to bring them to their final home. If you are ready to make the commitment and bring home your new pet, why not consider connecting with a qualified company like Get Your Pet to help match you with your new best friend! 

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  1. Labs, all of them I have met have been extroverts and huge bundles of energy. I have a pug, who is very quiet and laidback, whenever had been introduced to a lab pup, had a hard time copying up with their energy, infact it was the lab who did all the playing and my pug kind of silently bore the antics of his more energetic mate.

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