5 Ways to Exercise Your Active Breed Dog

5 Ways to Exercise Your Active Breed DogIf you’re like most pet owners, you consider your dog to be a part of your family. As such, you appreciate that it needs playtime for both its physical and mental health – even on those days when you don’t seem to have the time. Entrepreneurs know this, and that is why an entire industry has sprung up selling dog toys for owners of small to medium size breeds. In the following. We’ll take a look at some of the ways you can make sure your pet gets the workout it needs.

Multi-Story Home? Use the Steps

If you’re short on time and can only work your dog out inside the home, then the steps can be a good exercise – but you need to be a part of it. Your pup won’t run up and down unless you have a stuffed toy or something to toss down or up.

Even if you have just two stories (not many regular people have houses with more than two stories, after all), your dog will get an adequate workout. Scampering up and down activates more muscles than walking or running anyway, as you’ll see how your dog pants after just a few rounds of this.

It’s worth it to note that some breeds, such as the dachshund, are prone to back problems – these might be exacerbated by vigorous running up and down steps. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian about this before engaging in such an exercise program

Use a Ball Throwing Contraption at Your Local Park

Not all public parks allow dogs, of course; but there are plenty that do. Find one of the latter in which to test out your new iFetch or PetSafe ball launcher. There are a range of launchers based on the size of the dog, so make sure you get the right one for your breed.

Professional dog launchers don’t just provide cardiovascular benefits to your pooch; they are also well-calibrated. Basically, this just means that thousands of experiments went into making the finished product, and they launch the balls just far enough and at the right angle to give your dog the workout it needs.

Obstacle Courses Engage the Physical and the Mental

If your dog is the type to start digging up soil when bored, or scratching up the upholstery, then it would benefit greatly from an obstacle course. Your dog clearly has more energy than even the average energetic breed, and needs to be stimulated physically and mentally to burn off some of the fuel.

The beauty of an obstacle course is that you can set one up indoors (even in a small house), as well as outdoors. Combine tables, throw-rugs empty dustbins and closets to hide your dog’s treats, and have it hunt them down. If you make it outside that day, use park benches and other aspects of the environment for an even more spirited session of exercise.

Take Your Dog on a Low-Impact Outing

  1. This can range from little more than a 40-minute walk through the nearest neighborhoods, to a journey to a social dog park or a pet-friendly mall. If your dog is an especially social breed, it’ll appreciate this mentally more than physically – but it’ll get a bit of both in for the day. These are also known as “play-dates”, similar to what you’d do for your very young children. The benefits to your dog’s emotional state are simply incomparable; which shouldn’t be a surprise, as dogs are social creatures just like humans.
  2. In Home Treadmill
  1. This is great for working professionals. If you can only be home after dark, and prefer not to go for long walks in the evening hours, then your dog can benefit from an in-home treadmill. Dogs need exercise even more than humans, as they naturally have a lot more energy that requires an outlet.The first order of business is one of comfort; your dog won’t get on the treadmill because it’s an unfamiliar object when turned on. After a short period of acclimation, it shouldn’t be a problem. Your dog can start with the lowest speed before moving on to more vigorous settings.For best results, try all of these exercise tips to see which ones your dog takes too the best. The toys, especially, add an extra dimension of stimulation to help you maximize the physical and mental states of your favorite pooch.

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