4 Essential Items for Your Teacup Pup

4 Essential Items for Your Teacup PupA dog is truly man’s best friend. Loyal, lovable, and especially cute, there seems to be a dog out there for everyone. While many people like a lovable lab or a shaggy golden retriever, there are also many fans of smaller breeds too. Designed for small spaces and city living, a tiny dog packs a ton of love in a little package, and teacup puppies are the tiniest of all. 

When you do your research and get a teacup puppy online, you’ll want to make sure you have all the needed supplies that match. Choose items tailored to your tiny friend to maximize their health and comfort, like these essential items.

Quality Nutrition

Doling out treats is especially tempting, and there is nothing wrong with giving your new pup a reward. Dogs have nutritional needs much like humans though, and too much junk can have some serious health consequences. With teacup breeds, these consequences can build up faster due to their size and limited calorie needs. Choose a food that packs a great nutritional punch without a bunch of filler.

Look for all-natural food products that include whole meat and vegetables, and avoid animal “byproducts”. You will also want to choose a formula that is appropriate for both your dog’s age and size, like this chicken and oatmeal brand from Blue Buffalo. You wouldn’t want your tiny pup trying to crunch down giant kibbles!

Chew Toys

Puppies chew. These tiny balls of energy are growing and learning through play. In addition, puppies get 28 new teeth erupting through their tiny gums, and need safe items to help them through this process. Kong products are a favorite of many pet parents. Known for their soft rubber chew toys, the company also provides a variety of tug, treat, and playtime toys as well. Even better for toy dog owners, these toys come in a variety of sizes. Choose a fun and well-reviewed toy for your pup, and take comfort that it won’t be bigger than your tiny pup.

Pet Carrier

Just because these tiny pups are described as “toy” breeds, doesn’t mean you should treat them with any less care than other pets. With tiny legs and a low visibility to the public, many owners opt to carry their toy dogs rather than walk them down busy streets and sidewalks. A perfectly fine alternative, just make sure you don’t toss your pup into your favorite purse.

Choose a carrier designed for your pet. This will provide protective sides and a padded seat that keeps your puppy from getting jostled or hurt by other traveling items. There are many slim and stylish options to choose from too. Just remember that your pup also needs exercise, so let the little guy run and jump in a safe and protected area.


Dogs have a furry coat that helps regulate their temperature, but this warmth can be limited for tiny breeds like the teacup dogs. If you live in a climate with harsher winters, you should consider getting your pup a winter coat or sweater if you plan to travel outdoors. You can find a large selection of doggy clothing at most pet retailers that offer varieties of warmth and waterproofing.

Alternatively, you can check out Etsy. Its clear Etsy crafters understand teacup dogs based on the variety of custom attire available. Many sellers can even customize your order for the right price, offering matching outfits or that one-of-a-kind look. Choose a creative crochet or dress the little one in the colors of your favorite sports team. The sky’s the limit on style, just look for a comfortable fit that keeps your pup warm and dry during winter.

Get ready to enjoy your new teacup friend. These tiny dogs pack a gigantic personality that will provide joy and companionship for many years. Choose supplies that are both fun and promote the health and safety of your pup to get you started.

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  1. I appreciate the basic tips you have stated in your piece about teacup puppies. I love it that you said that there are whole meat and vegetable byproducts that my dog can eat. I would want to breed our mini schnauzer and we would love a teacup puppy breeder to help us out in getting puppies so we can sell them properly.

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