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Beauty on a budget: how can I make my living room look more expensive?

Beauty on a budget: how can I make my living room look more expensive?When it comes to renovation, it’s often the kitchen and the bathroom that get the first lick of paint. But what about your living room. Sometimes a lick of paint or a new lamp just won’t cut it – but if you’re on a budget, how can you re-create something that’s both stylish but affordable?

Here we’ll look at ways that you can achieve exactly that!

Don’t forget about your skirting boards!

Skirting boards are often overlooked and it’s easy to see why. But have you considered up-cycling them to make them more noticeable? From MDF styles to veneered styles or wrapped skirtings. The options really are quite extensive, and you can always find a decent range of skirting boards online too. In addition, it’s actually quite easy to fit a skirting board without a professional.

Hang some large scale artwork

Create a focal point and give your space some wow factor by hanging an oversize piece of art by itself on one of your living room walls. The look is chic and high impact, with very little hassle. Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets and thrift stores for large pieces at reasonable prices, or get creative and make your own if you’re decorating on a budget.

Keep it simple

A cluttered, over-accessorized living room can look messy and disorganized, rather than chic and sophisticated. Pare down your collection, and only retain pieces that have sentimental value or evoke strong memories. A simplified space will enable the remaining elements to really shine, and it will keep you on budget.

Keep your T.V a secret

Nothing brings down the feeling of sophisticated luxury in a space quite like a huge black television placed front and center. If fancy mirrors that conceal the TV aren’t in your budget, visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall or salon-style art arrangement around it. A beautiful Japanese screen could be just what you’re looking for. Although it won’t entirely disappear, the frame of the television will blend in with the other artwork and distract the eye. Plus, with a few thrifty finds, this idea works on any budget.

Decorate with a mix of textures

A layered, thoughtful mix of materials and textures will give your space a custom-designed, luxurious look. Mix metals, glass, wood, a variety of textiles, and leather items to create a dynamic, inviting space. Carefully select each piece to suit your budget and let your room come together naturally.

Find a piece with “rich” history

Give your space a sense of wisdom and incorporate a piece with some patina and age to it. Anything from a mirror to a small side table or accessory will do the trick—the older the better. If it gives off an air of “I was purchased at a French flea market and came from an old château,” it will do wonders. Keep a keen eye out for affordable finds to stay on budget.

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