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Places to Apply Vinyl Stickers Other Than Walls

If you think that vinyl stickers are only to be used on walls then you need to get your facts straight. There’s no restriction to where you can put up these stickers as long as the place you choose is fit for the sticker to be pasted upon. While pasting these stickers on walls is a common thing, people can actually get creative by applying them on places where very few would think of. Choosing an appropriate place is essential when you want to flaunt a piece of decor which is why you need to consider these 5 places:

Windows And Mirrors

People go to extreme lengths to decorate their home but forget about windows and mirrors. Mirrors can enhance the look of any room if used properly. They can be used to reflect lights. Back in the days, when there was no electricity, mirrors were used to lit rooms. Since, we now have the luxury of electricity, there is no need to use mirrors for this purpose. However, they can be used for decors by applying vinyl art stickers on them. The same goes for windows. In case of windows, you can go for vinyl stickers that are 50% transparent so that the view outside the windows does not get blocked. As for mirrors, you can order a customized sticker that would just outline the mirror and does not block it’s reflecting ability. Check https://love-sticker.co.uk/ for a good selection of stickers.


Peeled off paint and unusual features on your vehicles are disturbing. While they look bad, having it repainted or getting the unsightly features fixed is an expensive process and usually not worth it. If you’re running short on money and want a cheap solution, then you can go for vinyl stickers. It’s not a long term solution but would definitely suffice. Getting crafty vinyl stickers for unattractive spots on your vehicle is a good choice. You can even get a car related sticker for your car such as car prints or designs etc.


Very few people would give it a thought to decorate their furniture with vinyl stickers, but it is a thing. It’s a great approach to give your home a creative touch. This can be very useful for the kid’s room. You can decorate their furniture, such as beds and cup boards, with some educational stickers or to give their room a unique theme. For example, if your baby is fond of Cinderella, you can get Cinderella related stickers to decorate the room. This will really make your child happy.

Cell Phones

People love to flaunt their personality and interests. Getting vinyl stickers at the back of your cell phones can help you achieve that. The backside of almost every smartphone is flat, hence, a vinyl sticker can easily be pasted.

You can choose from your favorite wordings, your own picture, a picture of your idol or a celebrity that you’re a diehard fan of – pretty much anything.

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