The Best Beach Destinations in Florida for Couples

The Best Beach Destinations in Florida for Couples Do couples require something different from the beaches they visit than the rest of us? Yes, they do, they require that little bit extra that makes it more romantic, more unique. It does not have to be fancier or 5*, although that always goes down well, it must have that element that makes the visit memorable. Now that sometimes is in the hands of nature, a spectacular sunset can be predicted but not guaranteed. In Florida, you get a better chance of getting it right due to the weather being somewhat predictable, take a look at the beach temperatures in Florida during December and November, and you will see the regular pattern. Most couples want a quiet area to spend time with each other and beaches in Florida are popular destinations for locals and visitors, but as there are so many, it is not impossible to find a beach suitable for couples. Take a look at some of these special beaches.

1. Amelia Island

What could be more romantic than the gentle lapping of the waves as the sun slowly sinks in a brilliant spectrum of color, only one more thing? Being on horseback, riding through those waves. Amelia Island is the only beach in Florida where horseback riding is allowed. 13 miles of fabulous beaches, clean beckoning water and some interesting wildlife. Amelia Island is easy to reach, just off the coast of Northeast Florida, once the haunt of pirates and away from the beach you will find a charming Victorian seaport, that cannot help but add to the romance of a visit to this lovely, unforgettable island.

2. Lovers Key State Park

There is a romantic history to this beach area. Located between Fort Myers Beach and Bonita Beach in the 1900’s it was only accessible by boat and only lovers made an effort to take a trip there, thereby earning its name of Lovers Key. This is one of the most stunning, pristine beaches in the area. Spectacular scenery adds to the ambience, and while now very popular, there are still out of the way places for that romantic ‘one to one’ time that couples require. Snuggling up under a blanket, watching the sunset from the beach, is a perfect way to end the day.

3 Little Torch Key

The ultimate scenario for a fabulous couple’s beach can be found here. It is an off the scale romantic spot. A private island in the Florida Keys with one resort. Thatched bungalows by the beach with verandas and outdoor showers. Truly secluded, the only way to get there is by boat or seaplane. Soft sands, sparkling sea and the faintest of breezes. You can imagine yourself there, can’t you?

4.Siesta Key

The softest silkiest sand you will ever run your toes through is to be found on this beach. This powdery white sand is 99% quartz and only found here. This eight-mile barrier island near Sarasota is just perfect for a couple’s getaway. What is there not to like? The softest sand, ever and it doesn’t get hot! A mesmerizing Turquoise sea that just calls to you. A cool gulf breeze and you just about have everything, but no, stay until sunset and be rewarded by seeing the dolphins coming out to play, now that is now a perfect idyll for any couple. Don’t forget your beach chair! Read some reviews of the best ones.

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