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Create more happiness in your home with these 5 helpful DIY ideas

Sometimes we get tired of waking up to the same old, same old, day after day. It can seem like we’re in a bad looping re-run of Groundhog Day, and we just want things to change a little bit. Well, we can do something about it. We might not be able to move to a different city, or change our jobs or some other life altering experience, but we can alter our life experiences right where we are in our homes. Trust me, it doesn’t take a whole lot to spruce up your home atmosphere so you feel revitalized and even happier, and I’m going to show you how you can start making that happen on a budget.

Paint on a smile

Start by doing something simple like applying a happy color of paint to your walls. You don’t have to go all out and paint the entire house, but perhaps you have a particular room you think might be in need of a little paint love. This could be a great weekend DIY with your family – or by yourself, if you prefer. If you decide to do it alone, you can make it easier by renting a spray gun. It’ll be still infinitely cheaper than buying one or hiring someone to paint. Whatever you choose, the results can be very rewarding and have you smiling at yourself for doing such a great job at enhancing how you experience your home.

Add some crown molding

You may or may not need some help with this, but if you’re willing to put in some sweat equity into the project, you might be able to cut the cost of hiring a professional carpenter. If you have the capability of doing it as a DIY, a great tool to have on hand is a good miter saw. A miter saw is a woodwork tool that allows you to cut wood at an angle to create rounded and other styled edges. It’s perfect for creating the cuts that are needed for crown molding and its also great for cutting door frames, photo frames and window casings. There are several types – compound, dual compound and sliding miter saws – so if you’re thinking you might need one, find out which is the best miter saw for a homeowner.

A quick note, just FYI, there’s a great online review of the miter saws on the market that you might want to check out. These are:
1. The best overall Sliding Compound Miter Saw, which is the DEWALT DWS780 for its durability and its ability to cut up to 16 inches
2. The Makita LS1040 is thought to be the best 10-inch miter saw for beginners, since it’s so accurate and lightweight. It also gets points for being affordable.
3. The Homecraft H26-260L, is great for fine woodwork and is a lightweight miter saw.

Get a quick fix with knobs

You’d be surprised how much better your cupboards can look with the simple upgrade of some knobs or other decorative hardware on the doors and drawers. The pantry, kitchen cabinets, dressing table, hutch, all will take on new life with just the removal of old or worn out knobs and hardware. If you think you can salvage some of the knobs and hardware, why not opt to wash or polish them instead of throwing them out. That way you have an even lower budget for your quick DIY.

Backsplash finesse

Change the way you look at yourself, like literally, by adding a little backsplash above your bathroom mirrors. It’s a relatively small area to do, and if you hunt for bargain decorative tiles, you can get to do it for a relatively low, affordable price. If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can look into getting some self-adhesive backsplash tiles. Then it’ll be a super easy DIY.

Polish the flooring

If you think you’ve your floor is looking a little dull lately, because you’ve been neglecting them due to work or other day to day distractions, maybe you can steal some time from a weekend in the near future and get them polished and shining. This can be a relatively easy DIY as well, but you should use a disposable face mask to avoid inhaling dust from your vacuum clean-up before polishing, and also to stop you from inhaling fumes from your polishing solution.

So, there you have it! Five fantastic ways to start living your best life right in your home, using just paint, the best miter saw you can put your hands on, some cute knobs, a little backsplash and some floor polish — all light on your pocket as well. Doesn’t that make you happy?

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