Pet Therapy and Emotional Support

Pet therapy is a growing concept with medical science also in support of it. It is being used all around the world, with more and more people realizing its benefits. If you are not aware of pet therapy, this article would help you understand the concept better. You can also check online for more information on this type of therapy and how pets give humans emotional support.

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy can assist in minimizing strain, tension, and loneliness among people with the help of pet. The pets that are usually used in these therapies are cats, dogs and horses. These animals are trained before being used for such purposes. Still these animals also need proper care and nutrition. CBD oil has many health advantages for animals as explained here.

Pet therapy basically involves generating a connection between the pet and the patient. People suffering from mental conditions are said to have difficulties in carrying out the easiest tasks such as socializing etc. The main objective of pet therapies is to create an environment of comfort and joy for these patients.

How Pet Therapy Helps Patients?

Pet therapy is usually suggested by a health specialist who might also suggest you a handler. The right animal depends on several things, including your personal preference. Most people choose between cats and dogs, but you may also pick a horse.

Once all is decided, you can start therapy that includes the handler arriving at your doorstep with the pet. You can then spend time with the pet and get familiar with each other. You might feel a little discomfort in the beginning, but once a connection is formed, you’d feel comfortable around the animal.

Most people get comfortable around the pet within a few minutes, but some may take longer. On the other hand, since these therapy animals are trained to be around strangers, they will not show any signs of discomfort.

Benefits of Pet Therapy

Animal therapies can help improve a person’s overall life by helping them get rid of medical conditions and lead a happy and healthy life. Spending time with a pet can help decrease stress levels and control anger management issues as well.

Here are other benefits of pet therapy:

  • It is also used to make heart patients feel good and less fatigued.
  • Pet therapies aren’t constrained to adults only. They can be applied on children as well.
  • People suffering from pain, enjoy the presence of a pet as it helps them cope up with pain and anxiety issues.

Risks Involving Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is risk free. All you have to take care is to make sure the pet is healthy and you aren’t allergic to it. This can be taken care of by being wise when you pick a handler. The pet must be trained, vaccinated and properly evaluated to ensure safety.


If you feel low or lonely, you should turn to pet therapy. It has helped thousands of people and it can help you as well.

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