Transferring Money Internationally Has Never Been This Easy

Transferring Money Internationally Has Never Been This Easy

Families whose source of income are their loved ones working abroad can now send and receive money in reduced costs through international money transfer providers. Sending money through international money transfer providers costs less than sending them through banks. In this article, we put up a list of the reasons why people are choosing international money transfer providers such as and Transferwise over banks to convince our readers to switch to international money transfer providers for their own convenience and benefit. Should you wish to read a WorldFirst full review, you may also do so. We will comparing and contrasting various international money transfer providers to aid the readers in choosing which provider to avail.

1. World First is eligible to use by people in countries such as England, France, Canada, China, and in several other countries worldwide. World First, according to one customer, has one of the most efficient and fastest registration process for different nationalities alike. Their webpage was very user-friendly and made it easy to register for those who are availing their service for the first time. Their webpage was not at all cluttered and only provided the necessary information for the customers to help register and avail their service. They even provided a video to aid the customer throughout the whole registration process and inform them about how their service works. After the registration process they will be sending you the standard company email as well as personal emails from their friendly employees who are very informative and are very willing to guide you throughout the whole process of availing their service. The only flaw of World First is it has not yet developed a very intricate security system. This is not, however, much of a problem as we are sure that they are working on the flaw of their system. World First sends alerts regarding money rates through email and SMS. The customers could be informed about their target rate and about rate changes. This feature is very helpful for customers. They also provide one of the best quotes in any companies. They really cater to the interest of the customers.

2. Currencies Direct is a UK-based company and is lauded as one of the fastest and most efficient international transfer money providers. Currencies Direct has developed a very intricate security system in compliance to the Anti-Laundering Money Act. Their registration form required more requirements to verify the identity of the customers for their own security and benefit. After registration, they will require their customers to send in more documentation to verify their identity, again, for the security and benefit of their own customers. This characteristic of their service is very commendable as it explicitly shows that their service is first-rate, professional, and caters to the benefit of their customers. There is no delay in the service transfer of Currencies Direct. This is, again, a manifestation of their professionalism. Currencies Direct also has relatively higher rates than other international money transfer providers. They also have a monitoring rate which is very helpful to customers who wish to send in money at the best and highest rates possible. The monitoring rate feature is a premiere feature of Currencies direct as the customers are able to monitor the fluctuation of the currencies and use this information to their own benefit.

3. SuperCapital is another company based in UK. It is licensed as a money transfer service provider by HM Revenue & Customs and is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) so one can be sure that their transaction with SuperCapital is efficient, secure, and superb. SuperCapital is super effective when sending in large amounts of money, that is, $10, 000 and above. This company is transfers large amounts of money at relatively lower costs than other international money transfer service providers. It is not advisable however to transfer small amount of money using SuperCapital. It usually only takes 36 to 48 hours to transfer money using SuperCapital. They are one of the fastest international money transfer service provider. However, customers can only avail bank transfers. Their ways of sending and receiving money are very limited. They provide money transfer with the 26 most popular currencies. Their employees are very informative and helpful as well and guide the customers throughout the whole process to help them utilize the service in most effective, most efficient, and most beneficial way to them. The registration process of SuperCapital, however, takes a while because they have to comply with security regulations. To register and avail the services of SuperCapital, the customer is required to fill-up a form regarding the recipient of the money transfer. Afterwards he is required to enter personal information to verify his identity. He is also required to provide documents such as passport and proof of residence to verify his identity and to comply with security regulations. The customer has to wait 12-36 hours for the activation of his application process. As soon as SuperCapital receives your bank wire, they are able to transfer your money to your destined location and recipient.

4. MoneyCorp was established as a corporation in 1962 and was the first foreign exchange in 1979. MoneyCorp is available in more than 40+ countries. The registration process of MoneyCorp is very complicated but this is due their very intricate security system which they are implementing and maintaining for the benefit of their customers. The process is more difficult for Americans because of the Anti-Money Laundering Act and the Corrupt Foreign Practices Act. The registration is long and complicated. The customer will not be able to transfer money the same day one registered in MoneyCorp. However, this rigorous registration process is for the benefit of the customer as well. It is advisable that the customer prepare for around two weeks of transaction business with MoneyCorp including the registration process and the money transfer itself. The Anti-Money Laundering Act was implemented to hinder the money transaction of illegal money. Hence, the transfer of $10, 000 or higher requires a rigorous transaction and transfer process in MoneyCorp.

International money transfer service providers are becoming more popular especially to expatriates because they are more efficient to use. Customers who are busy in their work could avail their services online. Their services are also very effective and customer-friendly. The companies provide employees who are very informative and helpful to guide the customers through the whole process. It is advisable to use international money transfer service to save time and to maximize the cost-effectiveness when transferring money.

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