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5 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your House Spotless

5 Tips That Will Help You Keep Your House SpotlessKeeping your house spotless is one of the things that every busy parent barely has any time to deal with. Between going to work, taking care of your kids and spending time with your spouse, sometimes it feels as though vacuuming simply isn’t top of your priorities list. Here are some ways that you can make cleaning part of your everyday lifestyle so you barely even notice you’re doing it…

Rid Yourself Of Clutter

First and foremost it’s time to get rid of your clutter. Look around your house and take note of just how full your surfaces are of things you simply don’t need, from the apple core your teenager left out this morning to a discarded cardigan you don’t remember taking off to the glasses that your partner claimed he lost six weeks ago. Take note of Marie Kondo’s decluttering tips to get all your clutter out of your home – make sure that everything either has a purpose or some sort of beauty that makes you love it, and ditch the rest. That will make your home look bigger and more spacious and also easier to clean.

Invest In More Storage

Storage solutions are a problem for most of us but remember that more storage means less clutter, which is always a good thing. Everything you own needs to have its own space, from a pull out spice rack in your kitchen to making sure you put your clothes away at night instead of draping them over that chair (you know the chair – we all have one..!). If you’re sick of items like your ironing board cluttering up your space, invest in an IRON-A-WAY which will help keep it out of the way. Likewise, in the kitchen, if your pots and pans are getting in the way, get more drawer space so you can put them all away tidily.

Pick Up As You Go

Picking up as you go is probably the best way of all to make sure that you don’t have to spend your Saturday mornings angrily cleaning instead of actually enjoying yourself. Sweep up whenever you see that the floor is messy, clear up clutter every evening, make sure you do your laundry during the week as well as at weekends, and clean up dinner right after you’ve eaten. Delaying the inevitable cleaning will only make you dread it more.

Make A Rota

Let’s face it: you should not be the only person in your house who lifts a finger when it comes to cleaning. Make a rota so your kids get used to doing chores like loading and unloading the dishwasher and doing their own laundry and make sure your partner pulls their weight. Doing all the work yourself will only set a precedent and ensure that you’re doing it for the rest of your life – and you definitely don’t want that.

Hire A Cleaner

Finally, if cleaning’s really cutting into your spare time and you resent it, don’t be ashamed to hire a cleaner. Your time is valuable and you should keep that in mind.

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