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Packing for a Vacation on a Tight Budget

Packing for a Vacation on a Tight BudgetMost of us enjoy family holidays. They are a great way for everyone to spend some quality time together and create special memories.

However, if you are on a tight budget going away on holiday can also potentially give you a few headaches. The problem is that they are expensive, even if you get a good package there are still other expenses that have to be covered. It is this fact that has motivated me to write this post. Using the tips and tricks I have pulled together will help you to keep the cost of kitting everyone out for their holiday as low as possible.

Only buy what you really need

When we pack for a holiday, we all tend to get carried away Most people return home with clothes in their case that they have not actually used, which is the last thing you want to happen to you.

Pack light

Given the fact that most airlines now charge around $50 for each case you put in the hold it really is worth trying to travel with hand luggage only. Even with a young family it can be done. This article explains exactly what you need to do.

Reuse last year´s holiday clothes

Whenever you can, use clothes that you already own. The chances are that the bikini you already own is fine for this year´s holiday. If you have put on weight around the hips, but your bikini top still fits consider just buying a new set of briefs. Not all retailers sell bikini separates, but this retailer does. Buying from them has the potential to save you money.

Buy supermarket branded sun care products

Most of the time you will be spending more time outside, which means that you will need to buy sun cream. In all likelihood you will also need bug spray, both of which can be expensive. Fortunately, you just need to buy supermarket brands to keep the cost down.

Find out about public transport

Another big expense families face while on vacation is the cost of taxis or hire cars. Before you book these investigate the possibility of using public transport instead. In many places, it is very good, and is far cheaper than calling a taxi. Before you travel take the time to download the apps that most local bus and train companies provide. That way if you want to do something on the spur of the moment you will be able to quickly check the timetables and find out how to get there.

Book attractions in advance

If you want to enjoy specific activities or attractions while you are away take the time to research them before you travel. Often you can book pre-book your tickets, and secure yourself a good discount by doing so. Usually, when you book in advance, you can skip the queues. This gives you more time to actually enjoy the attraction you are visiting, and ensures that you get good value for money.

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