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Increase the Value Of Your Home with These Small Changes

Increase the Value Of Your Home with These Small Changes

Everyone says all the money is made when you buy your home and not when it’s sold. If you read that for the first time you wouldn’t think selling a home was important, which isn’t the case at all. You can still make a great deal of extra money on the day you walk out your door for the very last time. If you want to boost the price of your home there are frugal tactics you can use, so they won’t cost you a lot of money. You’ll make it back twice over or more when you decide to sell up. We’re going to look at them so you’ll have a lot more money available when looking for a new home of your own.

 Hire A Professional Interior Designer

The first thing you should do is hire a professional interior designer, which should cost you less than a hundred bucks depending on where you live. Simply ask them to walk around your home for an hour offering suggestions about how it can be improved. Basic tweaks they’ll recommend like what color to paint a room or how to position your furniture will be invaluable when potential buyers eventually start knocking.

Reduce The Amount Of Energy You Use

The very first thing we talked about was a cliche, so it seems fitting to squeeze in another one that actually helps directly. You have the power to make money by not spending it in the first place. It’s something I’m sure you’ll know well and you can put it into action by bringing down your energy bills. Small changes like insulting exposed heating ducting to stop hot air from escaping all add up.

 Make Your Home A Safer Place To Live

Did you know you can increase the value of your home by up to 5 percent replacing an old door with a decent steel one? It’s not only the curb appeal that counts, but it’s the added security included with it. Potential buyers will pay extra to feel safe at night. Try to figure out a few other ways you can boost your security for almost nothing. Sometimes the most obvious things like external lights act as a great deterrent.

Your Home Shouldn’t Smell Horrible

You’ll always hear basic advice like using plants to improve air quality. Someone might even tell you to bake cookies before potential buyers walk around your home. Laying cheap tile or laminate flooring gets lost in the noise. It’s a shame because carpets hold onto horrible odors. The aforementioned materials are environmentally-friendly, plus they’re appreciated because they are easier to clean up too.

Bring Your Home Into The Modern Age

People don’t buy homes every year, so those looking to buy your one will be inexperienced. It’s certainly not too late to wow them. Leave a lasting impression on anyone and they’ll be happy to pay more for a home, even if it’s only a little. The idea of making a home smarter is big at the moment. Buy a cheap smart lock for under a hundred dollars. When your door unlocks thanks to your smartphone or unique code they’ll be impressed.

Don’t Let Your Home Look Old And Tired

Rustic old homes with charm are fine, but if your house looks like it’s not been touched in half a century it’s not okay. It’s the minor details that give it away and they must be removed. For example, what do you think people will assume if they see a popcorn ceiling in your living room? It will be hard to miss considering the bottom half of rooms look bare. Spend time searching for all these details adding age to your home in a negative way.

Add Some Beautiful Art Work To The Walls

A Picasso painting recently sold at auction for $45 million, but if you didn’t know anything about art you would never have guessed the price. The beautiful thing about art is the fact it’s completely subjective. Nobody will know the true cost of the paintings hanging from your walls. Luckily, deep down inside they’ll associate art with luxury increasing the value of your home as a side-effect.

These simple changes can produce massive results once your home is listed for sale.

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